Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Review

As 2009 draws to a close, I thought that it would be fun to take a look back at what the year has been. Let's go!


* I celebrated the 100th post on the blog.
* We found the house that we put an offer on


* Drew made me a candlelight dinner for my birthday.
* We had trouble with the inspection and closing on our house.
* We were almost famous.
* Drew celebrated his birthday
* We closed on our house with only 2 days to move out of our apartment. Awesome!


* I finally posted some pictures of the move
* The 22nd marked 5 years since I lost my father


* We celebrated Easter weekend by going to not one, but two Cubs games with some friends.
* We had our housewarming party.
* Drew and I marked our 6 month anniversary.
* Our "tenants" moved in.


* I began the horrible journey towards the endometriosis diagnosis.
* We began doing some outside work on the house and started on the lilac bushes.
* Then, Drew dropped the ugly pine tree in our front yard.


* I chopped my hair.
* Rockford received a huge amount of rain and a Canadian National train derailed not too far from our house
* I absolutely lost it!


* Journey To Together celebrated it's 1st birthday
* Drew and I went to North Carolina to visit Drew and Jen and welcome baby Emma. We took a quick trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.


* Drew and I had a play day with my sister
* More doctor's appointments
* No cancer!!
* Airfest 2009


* Drew and I spent Labor Day together at the park
* We decided that surgery was the next step.
* My mom turned 50 and we surprised her good!


* Drew surprised me with a new kitten for my anniversary present
* We celebrated one year of marital bliss
* I had surgery
* We actually had trick-or-treaters and went to a party at Adam and Nicole's


* I had a follow-up appointment at the doctor and we decided to go on birth control
* I quit the bank and revealed that I had been working a new job since September
* We went to Georgia for Thanksgiving
* Our hard drive died and we completely lost everything on our computer


* We had a snowfall and shoveled our driveway for the first time as homeowners
* My family's Christmas Eve party was held here
* We celebrated Christmas Day with Drew's family
* I had to go to the ER

I had forgotten about a lot of things that had happened! This was fun for me and I hope that you enjoyed looking back with me. Here's to 2010!! Let's hope that it's much better healthwise, right?

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