Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

The two Drews' decided that we were going to spend New Years Eve in the Dells. We all left when I got off of work yesterday afternoon. We got to our hotel, changed, and went out to dinner.

We decided to go to a local restaurant in the Dells called House of Embers. The decor is a little strange and not really my style, but it was nice. The food! OMG! The food! Besides being extremely pricey, was amazing! I ordered a plate called Chicken Oscar, which was grilled chicken covered in crabmeat and a sauce of some sort. It was simply phenomenal! Drew got Filet Mignon, which he enjoyed. Other Drew got Chicken Cordon Bleu and Jen got something like Pan Crusted Grouped, which she said was kind of bland.

After dinner, we went looking for something to do to kill some time until the countdown. As we drove in, we noticed that Kalahari had a new Indoor Theme Park. We decided to go there and check it out. There was arcade games, mini-putt, a ferris wheel, go-karts, laser tag, a ropes course, a climbing wall, and bowling. I was in awe! We decided to head upstairs and bowl a couple games.

And, to make it fun, we decided to make a little bet. Girls win and we get back rubs. Guys win and they get back rubs. Of course, us girls won the first game!
We played one more game, but didn't bet on that one. Good thing we didn't. Do you see my score? That's the Tania we all know and love!
Here's a little video of the inside. You can see the arcade games, mini-putt, and ropes course.

After bowling, we had about 25 minutes until the countdown, so we headed back to the hotel where the bar was having a NYE party. We quickly decked ourselves out in party favors and awaited midnight.
After the countdown, we headed back to the room. Us girls decided to head to bed, but the fellas continued their night and headed to Ho-Chunk for a little gambling. I'm proud to report that my Drew only lost a little big of money!
We got home early afternoon, unpacked, and laid around on the couch for a while just relaxing. Drew started talking that he wanted wings for dinner and after talking to Adam and Nicole for a while, we all decided to meet for dinner at Granite City. After another fantastic dinner, we left and met Drew at Tilted Kilt, where his old college roommate, Andrew Robinson, was playing.
I was very impressed with the music. I would describe it as a nice mix of John Mayer, Matt Nathanson, just very chill and relaxed.
And in case anybody was wondering about the bar, and the uniforms that the waitresses wear, yes, they are as skimpy as I'm sure you've heard. The girl on the left is actually an old friend of the other Drew. Such a small world!
All in all, we had an amazing New Years celebration with lots of friends and fun.

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