Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Not Our House

Today, I worked at one of the branches that is closer to our apartment. Because of that, I could come home for lunch. Since Drew is working weekends (grumble, grumble, grrrrr!!!) he was home also. I began making my lunch when his phone rings. It's our realtor, Brad. I answer the phone and Brad proceeds to tell me that he have a problem with the closing. My heart sinks!

Apparently, the appraiser won't pass the house because there is a piece of the wood siding on the house that isn't covered with paint. The appraiser won't pass it until that part has been painted. The seller of the house is too old to go out there and paint it and he had it quoted at $100 to have it professionally painted. Apparently, he can't afford to do that. So, our realtor was suggesting that we go paint the house.

WTF!!! It's not our house yet! Why the heck should we go out there and fix something on a piece of property that we don't even own yet. If I had had longer than 20 minutes, you can bet that I would have argued with him. But, alas, lunch ended and I had to go back to work.

Drew went over to his parent's house and, from what I understand, his dad had quite the conversation with the selling realtor. Basically, he told the realtor that they would be getting quite the sum of money from the sale of this house and if they wanted to risk that on $100 to paint the house then they were being pretty dumb. Drew's dad said that if the house didn't get fixed and pass appraisal, that we would take our earnest money and walk away. I guess that lit a fire under the realtor's butt, because when I was told about the story tonight, she had painted the house.

All this headache is making me never want to buy a house again! And can you imagine, we're only buying; I shudder to think the headaches that would arise if we were selling also!

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