Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Greetings from Texas!

Well, we did it!  We're officially Texans!

Last week, we packed up our home, loaded everything into a truck, and moved our lives to Houston.  So surreal!

On Tuesday morning, Drew picked up the truck and we spent the rest of the day packing up the house and loading it into the truck.  We had to leave some things behind, like our bedroom furniture, the love seat, some toys, and other random miscellaneous stuff because it just wouldn't all fit into the truck.  I wasn't too sad because they were all things that could either be replaced, or needed to be replaced soon.

Very early Wednesday morning, Drew's mom, the kids, and I drove to the airport and flew down to Houston.  Drew, his dad, and my brother drove the truck and our van down, with the animals inside.  Drew picked up the keys on Monday, and was able to bring his stuff from his apartment over to the house.  So, we had air mattresses to sleep on and a few other things here.  The guys showed up here at about 3:30 AM Thursday morning.  Everyone quickly went to sleep!

A few hours later, the kids were up, cable and internet people started arriving, and Daughtry and Eric were landing.  The guys started unloading the truck around noon or so and had it all unpacked in record time.  I was shocked at how quickly they knocked it out.  Honestly, I think the heat had everything to do with it!  And I don't blame them one bit.  I didn't want to be out in it either.

Speaking of that, the heat here is insane!  My skin feels like it's going to melt off!  And it's hot from the time we get up in the morning.  It never seems to cool off.  It's going to take a little getting used to.

Everyone was gone by Sunday afternoon, and we've just been trying to settle in since.  We have lots of boxes to unpack, and furniture to arrange, but I'm so glad that the hard part of the move is over.

Here's the outside of the house:
I'll take more pictures of the inside as we get things unpacked and arranged.

I'm so excited to call Texas home now.  This is going to be an exciting new adventure.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Twelve Months - Harrison

Dear Harrison,

I simply cannot believe that today we are celebrating your first birthday!  Where did this year go?  It flew by for me.  I just keep thinking back to a year ago, and the anticipation that I felt waiting to meet you, and knowing how much all of our lives would changed once you came into this world.  I knew that your sister was about to get a great gift by having a younger sibling.  I knew that I would love you as much as I loved her.  I never once doubted that my heart could love enough for both of you.

This month you mastered crawling and pulling up and walking while pushing things.  You speed around the house now.  You took two, very hesitant, unassisted steps towards me one day.  That's it.  All other walking is cruising along furniture, or pushing objects.  You doubt your ability to do it.  I know that you'll get it.  It's cute to watch you contemplate it.

One day, you picked up Annelise's water cup, tilted it up to your mouth, and drank right out of it.  I never taught you or showed you how, but you knew exactly what to do.  Probably from watching Annelise.  You like to drink water, and I give you some at meal times and in between meals.
Eating is still hit and miss.  Some days you seem to love everything and gobble it up faster than I can feed you, and some days you seems irritated by food and only eat the bare minimum.  You don't like plain fruit at all.  What's the deal with that?  I still give you a pouch or two a day to make sure that you're getting some fruits and veggies.  Crackers are a big hit.  Any kind of cracker is usually devoured pretty quickly.

You sprouted a couple more teeth this month, both of your upper lateral incisors.  These teeth were a little harder for you to handle than the first few.  You were definitely whiny and cranky, and ran a low fever.

Sleep is still amazing!  I thank God so much that you are such a good sleeper.  Nothing has really changed routine wise from last month.

We do have some work to do in the speech department.  You babble and screech a lot, but don't really have any words.  Occasionally you'll say "mama", but it's hard to tell if you associate it with me, and occasionally you'll say "dada", but again, I don't think you necessarily associate it with Daddy.  That's it for words.  You say the "ba", "fa", and "ya" sound sometimes.  You don't even sign, even though I consistently sign "milk", "more", "eat", "please", and "water".  You understand what I'm saying, and I can understand that you would like something by your body language.  When I ask you if you want something, you straighten your legs and wiggle your whole body.  It's pretty adorable.
You and Annelise are an absolute riot!  You both love each other fiercely!  She loves to come get you in the morning once you've woken up, and you always have a huge grin for her.  If Annelise has gotten in trouble and is sitting in time out, you just can't resist crawling over there and seeing what she's doing.  You both are going to give me a run for my money once you're able to keep up with her.  I love watching your relationship grow and change.  I hope that you always remain close.

You weigh 21 pounds 8 ounces and are 28 1/2 inches tall.  You are the exact same height that Annelise was at one year!  You are still in 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  Both have plenty of growing room.

My boy, I just simple can't believe that you are now a year old.  You aren't my little baby anymore, even though I'll still act like you are sometimes.  I have so enjoyed watching you grow and learn and change this past year.  I can't wait to see what the next year holds.  If I've learned anything from your older sister, it's that the second year flies by much faster than the first.  Don't grow up too fast, ok?

Love you forever,