Thursday, July 16, 2009

Long Travel Day

We woke up this morning at 3:00 AM!!! Our flight was at 7:00 AM, and we were flying out of the Milwaukee airport, so we needed to leave our house by about 4:00 AM. Yes, I am a morning person, but I still don't like being up that early. But hey, I got to watch the sunrise. And this picture, this is the reason why I love flying.
You can't tell me that that's not gorgeous. That's Lake Michigan in case anyone is wondering.

And since we've always taken a picture on the plane, we needed to keep the tradition alive.
And, I honestly think that I've worn that sweatshirt every time we've traveled. It's my baby blue NIU hoodie and I love it, even though Drew hates it. I know that I wore it on the cruise, but not quite sure about the honeymoon. I'll have to try to dig that up.
Then, I had to take a picture of the rinky dink plane that we flew in. We were all waiting for a gate to park at. One never opened up, so we actually had to disembark the plane by using the stairs. Definitely a first for me.
Charlotte is home to the Lowe's Motor Speedway, so this guy was in the airport.
Jen and Emma picked us up at the airport. I guess that Drew had some problems at the rental car place, so they were running a little behind schedule. We were originally supposed to leave straight from the airport to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Instead, Jen brought us back to their house.
Drew and Jen live outside of Charlotte, so it was a quick little jog back to their place. Their house is so cute. They live in a beautiful neighborhood of new construction homes. Once we arrived at their house, we got a quick little tour and then packed up the rental car to head to SC, which was about 4 hours away.
Little Emma did well on the car trip. She slept most of the way. This picture is of the Sound as we went over the bridge to HHI.
We arrived in Hilton Head mid-afternoon and immediately went to check into our hotel room. We booked a suite with a kitchen so that we could eat dinner in there on night to limit our dining out expenses. It was a loft style room, so there was a bed with a bathroom upstairs.
We got everything inside and settled, changed our clothes (well actually, I think that was just me) and then went to go find dinner. We knew that we wanted to go out for seafood since we were on the ocean. We drove around for quite awhile, and eventually ended up in the Sea Pines area of HHI. Let me tell you about the homes in this part of the island. Goodness gracious, they were huge!!! And they were all surrounded by lush landscaping. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have a home there. In case you were wondering about prices... anywhere from $500,000 to well over $1.5 million.
We were going to eat at Salty Dog, but the wait was over 2 hours and we were pretty famished, so we decided to eat at Land's End Tavern, where the wait was only about half an hour. While we were waiting, we snapped some pictures.
Dinner was tasty, and I even tried alligator nuggets. For the record, it tastes just like chicken. After dinner, we drove around a little bit more, then headed back to the hotel. Drew and I are exhausted after traveling all day, plus the boys are going out on a deep sea fishing excursion tomorrow. Us girls? We're going to do what we do best. Shop!

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