Thursday, February 19, 2009

We're Just About Homeless!

Everybody keeps asking me what the deal is with the house. And the answer is that I really don't know.

We were originally scheduled to close on Monday, the 16th. That obviously didn't happen. Remember me talking about the paint on the house? Well, it got painted. But, from what I'm understanding, the appraiser took his time getting back out there, and the final inspection didn't get submitted until last Friday late afternoon.

Apparently, the paperwork is still sitting, waiting to clear. The underwriter who has been working on our file has been out sick this week. So.... the earliest that it can clear, at this point, is tomorrow. But then, the title company is booked until Wednesday. That means that the earliest our appointment can be is Thursday. That means that if we close on Thursday, we'll have a grand total of two days to move all of our stuff out of our apartment. Fan-freaking-tastic!!!!!

Um, would anybody like to tell me how we're gonna pull that off when we'll both have to work? Drew is out of vacation time and I would like to actually use mine for a vacation. Drew's boss is pretty cool, so I'm hoping that they can be flexible with his schedule and our moving. I don't know what I'm going to do about my schedule. Drew will probably be moving on his own!

Thank God we didn't order our appliances earlier and scheduled to have them delivered this week. That would have been a huge hassle to try and fix. I think we'll probably go this weekend and order them and schedule delivery next Saturday. (We better be in the house by then, or else we're moving in with the damn seller and appraiser who couldn't get their act together.)

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