Thursday, May 14, 2009

She Said "No News Is Good News"

I had an appointment with an ob/gyn today. Actually, she was a nurse practicioner, if that really matters. Alicia was very sweet. She knew that I was nervous and really helped to calm my nerves. Drew has been slow at work, so he was able to take today off and come with me, which helped a lot too. She talked to him a little too, and I think she made him feel not quite so awkward.

She did an annual exam and we discussed putting me on a medicine schedule for my absolutely horrendous menstrual cycle. Can I just mention that I absolutely love that she didn't mention putting me on birth control once? We discussed NFP (Natural Family Planning) and from what I can gather from our conversation, she's very knowledgable about the subject and seems to be pro-life. That was definitely something that I was looking for in a doctor.

She told me that the only way to diagnose endometriosis is to do surgery. She said that the things that I've been complaining about sound like it could possibly be a slight case of endometriosis and then she told me that the best fix is pregnancy. Well, that's not going to happen right now, so we'll see how the medicine schedule works.

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