Thursday, August 6, 2009

Play Day

I had Wednesday and Thursday off this week, so my sister came over on Wednesday and stayed the night. Since Drew has Thursdays off, we all went mini-putting and to the driving range today. It was a bright, sunny day; a little toasty, but a great day to spend outside with some of my most favorite people. We decided to go to Hickory Knolls since Drew and Rachel have never been there. I remember the mini-putt course being a lot better than it was. It was still fun though.

After we went mini-putting, we bought a bucket of balls and went over the the driving range. Drew was his usual rocking self. Me...? I was so shocked at how well I did. I really was driving those balls pretty far. Further than I have ever driven them before.

I wish that I could have days like this more often. I love spending time with Drew. And I love spending time with my sister. Being able to put them both together is just awesome to me.

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