Sunday, September 20, 2009

They're Gonna Cut Me Open

I went back to my doctor here in town last Thursday, the 10th, for a follow-up ultrasound after our appointment in Madison. They did another ultrasound to check the size of the cysts. The ultrasound room at my doctor has a screen that Drew and I can watch while the ultrasound is happening. I like this. A lot!! And since this was my third one, I could actually tell what the ultrasound tech was looking at.

So, she's looking around, and I can spot my cervix, and my ovaries, and I see the cysts that we already know are there. And there we see this thing. This weird looking thing that kinda resembles a tampon. At first I was mortified, wondering if I screwed up somewhere. That probably wouldn't be a good thing. Then, after realizing that I couldn't have made that mistake, we look at it a little more closely and it kinda floats.

The ultrasound tech said, "I've never seen anything like that."

What? What do you mean you've never seen anything like that? That's not the right answer!

"Um, what do you mean? What do you think it could be?", I calmly ask.

"Well, look, it kind of floats when I push against it. Look." ::Push, push::

Ok, that's enough of that! Quit playing with my organs please and thank you.

"Um, yeah, that kinda hurts."

Not exactly the kind of conversation I expected to have with the ultrasound tech. And that "thing" has shown up since my last ultrasound. Weird.

We met with the doctor again and she said that she thought it might be scar tissue, but she's not certain. She also says that it now looks like both of my tubes are blocked. (Before it was just my left one.) Then she tells me that she wants to do a laparoscopy so that she can go in and take a look at things. I asked her why the other doctor in Madison didn't even see my tube being blocked and she just said that he specializes in cancer, not infertility. Do I buy that? I'm not sure. But all I know is that I'm really lost as to who to believe.

Drew and I tossed around what to do for a couple days. We got two very conflicting opinions from different doctors. We wondered if we should try to find another doctor here in town and see what they suggested. At the end of the day, we (or I really) have decided to just go ahead with the surgery. My doctor said that she's going to go in and look around, clean up any scar tissue she can, and hopes to leave everything else alone. She doesn't want to take anything if she doesn't have to. That's a relief to me! I hope that she'll be able to fix whatever is going on with me.

The surgery scheduler finally called me on Friday, but I wasn't able to answer my phone. Of course, when I called her back, she was away from her desk. I left a message and her voicemail said that all messages would be returned same day. All except mine apparently, because she never called me back. Hopefully she'll call me back tomorrow and I can find out when we can get this show on the road.

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Summer said...

How stressful Tania! I'm sorry you have to go through all this but I think once its over you'll feel much better and have peace of mind that everything is "cleaned up" (for lack of a better phrase)! Hope the scheduler calls you back so you can get this out of the way!