Monday, May 25, 2009

Project: Lilac Bushes

I've been telling Drew all week that I wanted to do something fun today. Our friends, Josh and Amanda, got us some hostas from her parents house last night, so we knew that we had to at least get those in the ground today. We talked to Drew's parents last night and they decided that they would be over bright and early so we could get the yard work done so Drew and I could go do something fun.

Today dawned and it was kinda miserable. It was cold and windy and threatening rain. Obviously my plan of doing something fun was quickly squashed. So, we decided to tackle a pretty big yard project. We have a set of three lilac bushes on the side of our house and a set of four lilac bushes in the front of our house. This is the set of trees in the front of house. Also, the before picture.
Drew's dad was adamant about cleaning them out. I was kinda skeptical when I saw this project getting started. All I saw were my beloved lilac bushes getting hacked to shreds. I am very pleased with the outcome though. Don't they look so much better? (This is the set of trees on the side of our house.)
This is the after picture of the set of trees in the front of our house. I'm not as crazy about these guys as I am with the ones on the side of the house.

Now that they've been cleaned up, I want to move the ones in the front of the house to the side of the house. Then, we'll have a nice line of lilac bushes to separate our house from our neighbor's house.
Do you see that big pine tree in the front of our house? That's coming down very soon!!

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