Sunday, March 30, 2014

A 2nd Birthday Party

We decided to have Annelise's 2nd birthday party the Sunday before her birthday this year because it worked out better for Drew's schedule.  This year, her party was smaller, but really just in the fact that I didn't go crazy decorating like I did for her first birthday party.  This year, I just bought some balloons and strung up a banner.  I sort of figured that next year she will have an opinion and want a themed party and I can go crazy then.

We were so blessed to have so many family and friends come.  And, while gifts were completely unnecessary, our little girl was showered with many gifts.

Last year, we had mini cupcakes for all the guests to eat.  This year, Drew insisted that we have a cake. Absolutely insisted!  And, he requested ice cream too!
The birthday girl LOVED her cake and ice cream!
Drew created his own little version of "Up" with all the balloons!!

We had such an amazing time celebrating with our little girl.  It's so hard to believe that another year of her life has flown by.  I tell people all the time that this second year has gone so much faster than the first.  It's just crazy!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

23 Weeks - Finally An Update

Boy oh boy (pun intended), have I been a slacker the past few weeks with the updates.  Things keep chugging right along with not a lot of things being different.  The bump is growing, as is evident in the picture.  A new edition?  The belly button.  Yes, my belly button has popped out this time and it really skeeves me out.  I don't know why, but I'm not a fan of it.  I'm wondering if it popped out this time because of the anterior placenta.

I'm up about 18 pounds now.  I'm also pretty sure that a good chunk of that is in my boobs.  :/  Overall, I feel pretty good, minus the round ligament pain.

I had an ultrasound and an OB check today.  I asked my OB about the pain and he said that it's common for the pain to be worse each time.  The little boy was breech with his legs folded up by his head.  Weirdo!  I'm not sure how that's comfortable, but he was seeming to enjoy it.  We even got to watch him drink some fluid, which was really neat.  My OB said that I'm measuring almost a week ahead.

I've started having a little heartburn every so often.  I've had to take a Tums once, but mostly it's just annoying at this point.

Drew and I are still talking about names, and we have not come any closer to deciding on one.  I'm sure, I hope, that we'll land upon something one day, much like we did with Annelise.

The baby's crib and dresser have arrived and are sitting in our dining room waiting for his room to be cleaned out and painted.  We've already installed the closet organizer.  I have bought a few items of clothing, but I have a shopping trip planned for this Saturday with a friend and plan on buying lots of new things for both Annelise and the new baby.  The only other big thing that we need to buy is the mattress for the crib.  I also plan on doing that soon.

I ordered some new sibling and big sister books for Annelise to help her get ready for the baby.  I know that we still have quite a few weeks, but it's a good idea to work on getting Annelise prepared, even though I know that nothing will truly prepare her.  I'm honestly really glad that this baby is due in the summer when it's going to be nice out.  I think that it'll be very important for Annelise to get some one-on-one dates with both Drew and myself and that will be a lot easier when the weather is nice.

Overall, I'm just moving right along over here.  It really is crazy how different everything is when it's not the first baby.  I felt like there was so much I had to do when I was pregnant with Annelise.  And there was!  This time is so much more laid back and almost less stressful.