Monday, September 7, 2009

Non Labor Day

Today was absolutely gorgeous outside! The whole weekend was beautiful. I, however, spent Saturday afternoon, evening, and all day Sunday parked on the couch. Yep, that's right, I was sick again. I got those annoying stomach pains and, this time, they made me very sick. I actually ended up throwing up. Right after I had eaten. I will probably never eat a Sour Cream and Onion potato chip again. Uggghhh, I can't even think about it!!!

So, after spending a day and a half bored out of my mind watching tv, I really, really wanted to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather that we had been given. After Drew shook off his hangover, (He played in a large online poker tournament last night and drank about 15 beers during the 5 or so hours that he played. He wasn't feeling very great this morning and his first words to me were, "Babe, I really need you to get me some McDonald's please".) we decided to go fishing and walking around a forest preserve that is close to our house.

First, we went fishing at the forest preserve that is behind our house. I didn't have any luck and quickly grew bored. I even tried singing a little song to the fishies. They weren't biting. Drew caught a fish though!

Drew lost his second lure, so we decided to leave and go to another forest preserve that is across the street from our house. We are so lucky to live so close to so much beautiful nature. I told Drew that we should get a big group of our friends together and go play softball at a field that they have there.
Drew and I decided to run to the grocery store and grab something to grill for dinner. We had a fantastic dinner of grilled chicken legs and pasta salad. Such a great way to end the weekend. I hope that you all had a great Labor Day weekend. What did you do?

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