Thursday, October 22, 2009


As I'm sure you lovely readers know, our anniversary is coming up. I had to work at the bank until 6 tonight. I came home, walked in the living room, and greeted my husband. I then started to head back to the bedroom to do what I do every night when I get home from the bank. Put my pajamas on! I started calling for Simon because I saw him when I walked in, but then he ran away. I didn't see him in the hallway and figured he was in the bedroom. As I approached the bedroom, I heard a squeaking and wondered what Simon was doing. I flipped the light on in the bedroom and was greeted by the cutest little kitten in a cage! Drew got me a kitten for my anniversary present!!!!!

Drew got him from one of his co-workers. He is 8 weeks old today.
And he is crazy!! Watch the video that we took of him. He does more playing in the kitty litter than anything else.

I am totally in love with him. We haven't decided on a name yet. We're leaning towards George because it kinda sounds like orange. We're fans of naming our pets "normal" names. That way I don't feel like a loser shouting Fluffy or Nugget (Mom!) to our pet. Any suggestions?

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