Friday, October 31, 2008

The Experience of a Lifetime

Drew and I actually left the resort today. As promised, here is a picture of the sign at the entrance to the resort.
Drew and I woke up at a decent time this morning and went to Mundaca for the breakfast buffet. After breakfast, we went back to the room to put our suits on because we were going to swim with the dolphins today!!! Oh, I have waited so long for this.
We took a shuttle to the resort next door to us called Puerta Aventuras (not affiliated with this resort) to go to Dolphin Discovery. It was only us and one other couple from the resort. Once there, we got our tickets and had some time to kill before our swim. We were able to walk around the tanks and take some pictures of the dolphins.
And how cute is this little guy??
We weren't able to bring the camera with us to the swim, however they did have two photographers and a videographer there to record our swim. After the swim, we were offered the package. Drew was quite the sucker and spent $100 on seven pictures and a ten minute DVD. He figured that it was ok though because we didn't spend anything for the swim. I guess I have to agree since we probably would have paid between $200 and $300 had we spent money. (We were able to get that swim for free since we sat through the presentation.)

After the swim, we went back to the resort and grabbed some lunch. After lunch, I was obviously exhausted, and grabbed a nap.
After my nap, we had dinner at Ventanas. This restaurant was a pizza and pasta buffet. It was pretty nice; there was a guy walking around playing the violin during dinner. Once we had finished dinner, the waiter asked Drew if he wanted a Flaming Coffee. Since Drew is usually game for anything, he agreed. We had no idea that it would be so cool.

I've been asked to include more pictures of our room and the grounds. And since I aim to please, here you go. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Es Muy Caliente en Riviera Maya

Drew and I got a late start today. He actually spent practically all morning sleeping. I think he woke up at 10:45 or 11:00. We decided to get up, get ready, and find someplace to eat lunch.
All of the girls who got ready with me Saturday morning know that I was doing laundry and dishes on my wedding day. It only seemed fair that Drew iron on his honeymoon. Haha!!

We decided to go back to Mundaca where they were having a lunch buffet. Nothing too spectacular for me. Drew enjoyed the chicken fajita things they made. We sat outside and had a gorgeous view of the ocean. I noticed a boat in the distance that had a pole coming off the side of it. Drew (attempted) to explain to me what a downrigger is. Something about your line 15o feet down and your bait going 30 feet out and trolling and some other stuff. Ya, I'll stick to my little red bobber if you don't mind.

Today was absolutely gorgeous here! Drew and I were trying to figure out what to do over lunch and I told him that I really wanted to lay out. We've been here three days and I've yet to get any sun. I told him that I couldn't go back home whiter than what I came here. People will think that we spent the entire time in the room. ;-)! We wandered around a little after lunch and then came back to the room to change into our suits. Then, we headed down to the pool. We decided to lay out by the ocean and I promptly started working on a tan.
I also discovered a delicious new drink!
It's called a Blue Lagoon and is made with lemonade, vodka, and blue curacao. Mmmmm!!! Delicioso!!!

After laying out for a couple hours, we got in some kayaks that they had by the water and paddled around in the water for a little bit. Drew said that it hurt his back (whiner), so that didn't last very long. We got back on dry land and decided to go shoot a game or two of pool. That's where I found this very cool toy:
The pawns come up to about my knees and the king piece comes close to my waist. It was a pretty nifty little set. I have no idea how to play chess, so we stuck with pool.

We both wanted to go to the Italian restaurant tonight for dinner. La Trattoria is located in the North Lobby and has a dress code. (Basically, men have to be in pants and a collared shirt.) We got all decked out in our fancies and trotted off to dinner.

By far, the best dinner of the trip. Actually, the best food of the trip. When we arrived at the restaurant, the hostess started to seat us and we walked by two rows of 4 or 5 servers and they all started clapping. Awww!!! How cute right?!?! Our server brought us a piece of pizza as an appetizer. I know, I know. Pizza, right! It was actually amazing. I loved it. There was bread and Drew ate most of that. I did try some round piece of bread that was pretty good, but would have been lots better with some butter. Drew got some kind of cream of leek and celery soup. Apparently leek is some kind of plant (Drew described it to me). So, he had plant and cardboard soup. Mmmm, delisioso, right?!?! Anyways, he liked it. I ordered something with a long name. It was basically a beef fillet with red wine and oyster mushrooms (yes, I ordered it without mushrooms in case you were wondering) and roasted potatoes.
Oh. My. Gosh. Soooo good!!!!! The meat was so delicious and tender and cooked perfectly. It's making my mouth water just thinking about it. Drew ordered lasagna.
Kinda weird looking if you ask me, but he said it was good. And judging by how quickly he ate it, it must have been.

Drew and I flagged someone down after dinner to take our picture. Enjoy!!
After dinner, we headed back to the room so that I could bundle up for the fire show tonight.

The fire show was pretty cool. Drew some pictures and videos, but the pictures are pretty blurry and I'm not sure how to put the videos on here. Not to mention that I'm on my honeymoon and am too lazy to try and figure it out.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 2

I didn't take a picture yesterday, but these bracelets were placed on our wrists upon arrival. These bracelets must be worn at all times and allow for the all inclusive features of the resorts. Ours are pink because we're honeymooners. I have seen yellow, red, and green bracelets also. I don't know what those different colors mean though. I was also looking through some information and noticed a spot where it said that there would be a $75 fee to replace the bracelet if it gets lost or damaged. Are you kidding me?!?!

This morning, we awoke to the alarm going off. The alarm that we did NOT set. What time do you ask? 6:30 AM!!!! Ya, I wasn't a happy camper. And, of course, I couldn't figure out how to turn the darn thing off. Eventually, I did, and we went back to sleep. We woke up again about 8:40 AM. After laying there for a few moments, Drew said that he wished that breakfast would hurry up. (I had marked our card for breakfast to come between 9 and 9:30 AM.) Lo and behold, about 30 seconds later we hear a knock at our door. Our breakfast had arrived. It wasn't anything fantastic. The fruit was good, but other than that, it was kinda bad.

In all truthfullness, the food here has sucked. I have only had two things that I have actually liked; a roasted potato strip and ravioli. Those two items were for lunch this afternoon in El Greco. Otherwise, we've had room service and by the time we've gotten our food, it's been pretty cold. I sure am glad that I'm not paying for this food everytime I get it.

Drew and I got suckered into going to a membership presentation this morning at 11:30. It was only for an hour and a half and we got a $100 spa credit and 2 tickets to go swim with the dolphins for free. So, we sit and listen to Juan Pablo tell us about the resort and a whole bunch of junk. After talking to us for a little bit, he takes us to one of the Presidential Suites. I wish that Drew had grabbed some pictures of that because it was pretty nice. The Suite had two separate rooms with a really nice foyer, living room, kitchen, and dining room. The balcony.... Oh the balcony!!! It was huge!!! Here is a picture of the view from the Presidential Suite balcony.Pretty nice huh? Juan Pablo said that all the Suites have oceanviews. The view from this Suites was absolutely amazing!!

Then, Juan Pablo showed us the indoor gym. This is the indoor pool and jacuzzis.
Then, Juan Pablo took us to finish our presentation and try to sell us the membership. What a bunch of garbage. I mean, after basically laughing in their faces for the "first offer" that they gave us, the final offer would actually have been a decent deal. However, they didn't want to give you any time to talk about it. They wanted us to plunck down a bunch of money without really discussing it. Ya... right... that's not gonna happen. If Drew and I are going to make any big financial purchases, we discuss them for a little bit. In privacy, or over a meal, or think for a day or two. Not in a split second.

After our little presentation, we went to get some lunch. El Greco had a lunch buffet so we decided to try that. This is where I actually found something that I enjoy. This picture is a cute little hut thing. Not sure what it's used for, but, there were a bunch of them.
And we had a friend come visit us for lunch.
We went walking after lunch and explored the grounds a little bit.
I think that this is the Adventure Course that they have, but don't quote me on it. We just stumbled across a path and started to walk down it. There were a bunch of different obstacles that we kinda fun to play with.

You can't really read the sign too well, but it's a Spa Labyrinth. Apparently it's 2 km (whatever that is in miles) and it's supposed to be relaxing or something.

Drew and I got a couples massage with our $100 spa credit.
Oh, that was wonderful!! It has been a looooong time since I've had a massage. I, for whatever reason, have always been the one treating my significant other to massages and have never received any for myself. Since we booked a spa service, we were able to use the hydrotherapy room before or after our service. Drew and I went before. They have separate rooms for males and females. In there are lockers, showers, rooms to change, and so on. Then, you walk past a wall fountain and there is a large room with showers, steam showers, saunas, foot baths, jacuzzis, and chaise lounges for massages. It is very relaxing.
After our hydrotherapy, we went for our massage. We had two women come get us from our little sitting area. They took us downstairs and showed us to the room where we would be getting our rub down. Drew and I got undressed and he had to put on the most horrendous pair of disposable bikinis I have ever seen. They didn't have a prayer of fitting over his butt. Can I just state again how relaxing the massage was?

After our massage, Drew and I went back to the room and got ready for dinner. We decided to go to the steak house since they don't have a dress code. We had a few minutes to kill before the restaurant opened for dinner and I just so happened to make another friend.
Oh, he made me miss Simon!!! I wonder how he's doing.

Drew had a New York Strip for part of his dinner. It was quite tasty! Ok, so three things that I like now.
Drew and I went to the magic show that the resort had tonight. It was very entertaining. Now, we're just laying around the room, waiting for some room service. My goal is to sleep past 8:30 tomorrow. ::Reminds self to check alarm clock and make sure it's off::


Drew and I arrived on Monday to Adventura Spa Palace in beautiful Riviera Maya. Here is the entrance to the resort:
Hopefully, in the next couple days, we'll make if up front again to take a picture of the sign.

The following are more pictures of the grounds at the North Lobby.

This is the view outside of our balcony.

We also have a hammock on our balcony. Drew promptly climbed in that upon arrival.

This is the patio inside of the North Lobby (I think).
There is a North Lobby and a South Lobby and I can't keep them straight in case that wasn't obvious. More on that to come.

Here is a nice picture of the lagoon area where you can snorkle and kayak

I, of course, had to be sure to do some blogging for all you folks anxiously awaiting pictures. Don't worry though, I'm not missing out on any fun while I blog. Drew was watching the World Series game. I thought it was a nice compromise.

See!!! I told you I didn't miss out on any fun. Drew filled up the jacuzzi while I blogged and as soon as I finished up, we hopped right in. Boy, was that nice!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Drew Gets His Gift

As I previously mentioned, I gave Drew his wedding present on Friday night at the rehearsal dinner. I had forewarned Brad so that he could be sure to be there to get some photos. Boy, am I glad that I did. Here's Drew's face:

And another take:
Needless to say, he absolutely loved them. For anybody left out in the dark, and I know that there weren't many people, I had some boudoir pictures taken. Boudoir pictures are simply classy lingerie pictures. I used Leah Stafford and she was fantastic!

I pretty much begged Brad to send me some teasers of Drew's reaction so that I could show Leah when I go with Nicole for her pictures. He surpassed my expectations by emailing them to me on Sunday morning! I forwarded them to Leah last night and she loved them. She said that she had never had anybody share with her the pictures of the husband's reaction. I couldn't believe it. I'm really glad she got to see it then.

After I gave Drew the album on Friday night, we were talking about the pictures on Sunday morning and I was telling him all about what had gone on. I told him that Leah had taken a couple hundred photos and he asked me about those. I told him that I them on a cd and told him that I would show them to him later. Fast forward to Sunday night and we were sitting the beautiful Hotel Sofitel and I had just emailed Leah her pictures when I remembered that I had put something in my bag. Little did Drew know, but all those pictures that he had wanted to see...?? Ya, I had already printed them out and put them in an album for him. I tossed it to him on the bed and his eyes got all big. He was so happy!

Anybody that is debating doing this pictures..... DO THEM!!! Not only will your future husband (or even current husband) love them, but you will feel great about them too. Drew recently told me that he wants to blow one of them up and hang it on the wall. Ya, right, like that will ever happen!

Practice Makes Perfect

Now that I've been properly introduced, I guess that I should go back and recap the past couple of days. We'll start with Friday night, at the rehearsal.

Everybody was on time, which was fantastic! However, the lady, whatever her name was, didn't have the ability to start on time. So, of course, we ran late. In any event, here's where we begin:
If you look on the very right of the picture, you can see Brad. He's Drew's cousin and was our photographer for the wedding. He was kind enough to come into town on Friday and be at our rehearsal. When we talked a few weeks ago, I asked him if that would be possible so that he could scope out our venue and he said he would. What a guy!!

And we did have some fun at the rehearsal too....
Or, at least Daughtry tried to. Haha!

Here's Drew walking his mom down the aisle. He liked that idea and Debbie seemed to like that idea, and it didn't matter to me either way. But I thought it was special that Drew walked his mom down.
(Note: During the wedding, Drew apparently started to cry walking his mom down. How cute!!)

Adam walked my mom down the aisle. She said that he was so cute because when they were standing and waiting for their turn, Adam was patting her hand with his. Here are all of the guys (minus my brother) waiting for the girls to walk down so they could meet them and bow at the alter.
My brother, Greg, walked me down the aisle. I could not have been happier with that choice and I know that it meant a lot to him.
Josh Wiseley took quite the liking to my brother, from what I hear. Once Greg walked me down the aisle, he took his place besides all the other groomsmen. Only he stood in front of Daughtry instead of going to the back of the guys. So Josh looks down at him and goes, "Hey, Scooter, you go down here!" Hence began Greg's new nickname for the weekend.

Drew and I up at the alter.
Drew and I had to kneel for the readings, which I was not particularly looking forward to in my dress. Drew complained the entire time during practice. Like it actually killed him to kneel for ten minutes. Whiner!!
And then it came time to practice our vows.
Most of the rest of the pictures turned out a little blurry, so I didn't bother posting them up here. Some of these aren't the greatest but they get the job done. And credit to Jen Landgren for taking these for us. It's pretty difficult to get good pictures when everyone keeps moving around and she did a fantastic job with these ones.

Then, we moved on to dinner at Cliffbreakers. The dinner was great and it was really nice to hang out with everybody before the big show.

I told Drew that he was kicked out of the apartment on Friday night, so he decided that he'd stay at Cliffbreakers. I knew that some of the guys would stay with him too. I just didn't know that most of the guys would actually end up staying. Everybody decided to play poker, and when they got kicked out of the lounge downstairs, they simply moved the game to Drew's room.
Drew told me that he slept on the bed, which was located upstairs. Josh slept with him on the bed. Wiseley slept on the floor between the bed and the tv. Daughtry slept on the floor by the stair railing. Greg slept on the couch downstairs, Joe slept on the chair across from the couch, Adam slept in front of the fireplace, and Cody slept on the floor in front of the door, wrapped up in towels. What a picture that would have been!!!