Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ten Months - Harrison

Dear Harrison,

I'm not sure why, but turning double digit months always makes me a little sad.  I think it's because I know that your first birthday is right around the corner.  I know that I will blink and it will be here, and you'll no longer be my "baby".  I've started thinking about your birthday party and putting ideas together.  I'm very excited for it!

You sprouted three more teeth, and now have four total, the two middle on the top and the two middle on the bottom.  I'm so used to seeing your gummy smile that it still catches me by surprise to see your teeth.  You have bit me a few times while nursing.  I'm not a fan!  I'll tell you to stop biting and if you do it again, I'll make you stop nursing.  Usually by that point you're done eating and just playing around anyways.  I'm going to have to get some crib rail guards for your bed.  I can see little beaver teeth marks on the side where you stand.
You are starting to eat pretty well.  I'm still taking it slow with you, but I've introduced a few new things.  You have had some scrambled eggs and bread now.  Eggs you weren't so sure about, but you loved the bread.  I think it helps that Dad feeds you.  You always seem to eat better with him.  You still love yogurt, applesauce, and the pouches.

Mobility is coming soon!  You pulled yourself to standing in your crib the other day.  I lowered the mattress down as soon as you woke up from your nap.  Now, you can pull up on most things that you are close to.  You got onto your knees and then sat back down one day.  I know that you are going to start crawling very soon!  I can see you thinking about it and trying to figure it out.  It will click very soon, I'm sure.

All of a sudden, you are sleeping much better!  Nighttime is going well and even naps are pretty consistent.  I have noticed that you don't like to go to sleep unless you get some milk first.  You definitely know the routine to things.  You usually wake up around 6ish, but some days you will sleep a little later.  Some days you take two naps, and some days just one.  I still start getting you ready for bed around 6-6:15.  It works well, even though sometimes it would be nice to not have to have you down so early.

You finally clapped the right way, and you love clapping now.  You will constantly clap.  It makes me laugh because I think that's how you try to tell me "yes" to something.  If I ask you if you want milk, even though I sign "milk", you will still clap your hands.  I sign "more" to you too, and I think that you'll pick that one up quickly.
It's starting to be a challenge to change you because all you want to do is sit and stand up.  You have no time for that laying down business.  I try to distract you by singing, giving you toys, or playing with you.  But, I definitely have to make changing you a quick job.  I can get you dressed and everything else with you sitting or standing, but a diaper needs to be done laying down.  I usually take your pictures without Daddy because he's gone.  This month was HARD!  All you wanted to do was stand up and move.  You were definitely interested in my camera.

I am beginning to transition you to 18 month clothes.  They are still a little big.  You are still in a size 4 diaper.

Buddy, I love you so much!  You are starting to interact and move and be so much fun.  I just can't believe how quickly ten months have flown by.  You make my heart happy!

Love you forever,