Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Drew and I went to Adam and Nicole's tonight for their Halloween Party. I actually felt pretty good and made it through the party. Here are pictures of some of the people who dressed up.

Amanda was a left over and Josh was a Smurf.
Stephanie and Nicole were 80's workout chicks. Steph's leotard cracked me up. It was a thong in the front and in the back. Awesome!
Dawn was Big Bird. Such a neat costume!!
Her husband, Dan, was Michael Jackson.
Jono, a guy that Drew and Adam know, was some singer guy from Judas Priest. You can't see in the picture, but he had stuffed his pants so it looked like he had a rather large member. Hilarious!!
And last, but not least, my husband. He ran to K-Mart at 4:30 and bought whatever he could find. He paired that with his FrigiWear and instant costume!
We had trick-or-treaters at the house, so we don't have to put it up for sale. I had joked that if we didn't get any, I would be putting it on the market the next day.

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