Saturday, September 26, 2009

50th Birthday Surprise

My mom's 50th birthday is on Tuesday, and we can't let a celebration like that go by without a party. So, my aunts and I have been plotting.... er... planning a surprise party for her. We knew she wouldn't appreciate a bunch of "Over the Hill" stuff or having a ton of people here, so we kept it festive and within the family. A bunch of our family members had some other plans, so we had a relatively small group.

I told my mom that since we're sorta broke right now, to come over and we'd have a nice dinner here for her birthday. So, she came over with the assumption that her, my brother, sister, Drew, and I were going to have dinner. She even brought some steaks and pork chops for us to grill. This video shows just how surprised she was. She had no idea!!

Success!!!! She was so shocked!

Make a wish! I'm sure that she's already plotting getting us all back!
Here is my cousin, Matt, and his girlfriend, Sheena. They haven't been dating too long, but we love Sheena to pieces. And Matt is so happy with her! And she works in the NICU at a local hospital. I wish that we could speed up their dating time so they could hurry up and get married. My sister is so gorgeous!
My brother and I. He cut his hair and I am so happy about it.

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Sheena Garrison said...

Thanks Tania! That is so sweet. I absolutely love the family. You guys are wonderful and I look forward to one day officially becoming a part of it.