Friday, July 17, 2009

I've Touched the Atlantic Ocean

Today, we woke up bright and early so that the boys could go on a deep sea fishing trip. I watched little Emma while Jen ran the boys to the dock. When she got back, we grabbed some breakfast from the lobby and then got ready for our day. Us girls went to the Tangier Outlets and did a little shopping before Jen picked the boys up. Here's some pictures from their trip.

The guide told Drew that it's not too safe to be swimming right now because there is a shark for every 3 cubic feet of water! Count me out of that!!
Drew refused to changed diapers... but he would feed little Emma. I can't wait until he's a dad.
After the boys got back, we all laid around and did a little napping. Hello... early morning 2 days in a row! After some naps, we headed to the beach. I. was. stoked!!!
Look!!! I'm in the ocean!!!
Um, hello, gorgeous!!!
There was a storm blowing through, so it was incredibly windy. That's the sand moving from the wind.
After the beach, we came back to the hotel and cooked dinner. Tomorrow is another travel day as we head back to North Carolina. That means we have to be up early again. What kind of vacation is this??

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