Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

Drew and I made the drive to Georgia to visit Eric, Jess, and Wesley for Thanksgiving.  Drew's parents also drove down, and Drew's BFF and his family came also.  Add in 4 dogs and it was quite a full house! 

Yes, we took Maya with us.  She did amazingly well during the drive and while we were there.  She only got a little antsy during the drive down, but once I crawled in the backseat and sat with her for a little bit, she calmed down and went back to sleep.  She never once acted like she had to go to the bathroom, and when we did stop, she didn't want to go.  Weird dog!

On Wednesday, Jess, Jen, Debbie, and I all went to Babies R Us so that I could work on my baby registry.  Jess and Jen were a lot of help and told me exactly what would be helpful and what I would need.  I only have a few more items to add based on whatever colors we decide to do in the nursery.

The rest of the weekend was mainly all of us just hanging out and enjoying one another's company.  It's so great to see family that we don't get to see that often.

On Saturday, Jess took me to a nice consignment shop and I bought a few things.  I'll have to take pictures and post them soon.

Sunday started out a little rough and it was the day to drive home.  I wasn't feeling great, but figured that I was just hungry so I tried to eat and push through it.  I ended up throwing up my breakfast, and, again, figured that I had just waited too long to eat.  I still wasn't feeling great, but we needed to get on the road.  We didn't even make it a block down the road before I threw up again.  It was going to be a long, long 12 hour drive home.  I spent the entire day puking and trying to sleep through it.  It was absolutely awful.  I felt terrible for poor Drew who had to sit and listen to me.  It was definitely my worst nightmare come to life!

I don't know if it was flu bug that I had, or just a bad case of morning sickness, but I've been feeling better.  Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

21 Weeks: Anatomy Scan

I know, I'm a day late again, but that's because I wanted to wait until today so that I could talk about the anatomy scan that I had today. 

First things first though.  Here's the 21 weeks bump!
The belly almost sticks out further than my boobs.  And at this point?  That's quite a feat!

On Saturday, I was sitting on the couch and I felt the baby start a dance party in my belly.  I lifted my shirt up and waited patiently, and after a couple of seconds, I could see my belly move with the baby's movements!  The movements weren't huge, but they were there.  Last night, I was able to see very small movements through my sweater.  I notice that the baby has a tendency to stop moving as much when I lift my shirt up to watch.  I wonder if it gets cold!  LOL!

So, this afternoon, Drew and I went to another doctor's appointment and we had the anatomy scan.  Baby was head down and I joked that my baby was already an over-achiever!  The tech told me that it doesn't mean a thing (which I know) and that the baby will likely flip a whole bunch (which I know) before delivery.  When she started the ultrasound, the baby was curled up in a ball, so she was able to get some good pictures of the head and spine.  As the ultrasound went out, the baby started to move around a little bit and the tech had to chase to get certain body parts.

It is absolutely incredible to me to see this baby and how big it's gotten and all of it's body parts.  Remember, we saw the embryo when it was just a few cells big.  It is such an incredible miracle.  The tech and doctor said that everything looks perfect and beautiful.  That makes us so happy!

And now, I'm sure that you're just waiting for the big news, right?  The tech was able to tell us the sex with a lot of confidence, and I agree based on pictures that I've seen.
We're going to have a daughter!!!  We are so very excited!  I think that Drew is a little nervous about having a little girl, but I know that he is going to be wrapped around her finger the minute that she is born.

After the ultrasound, I got weighed and they took us back to an exam room.  I'm up about 7 pounds at this point.  My blood pressure was great, also.  The doctor came in and said that everything looks good.  He measured my fundal height and I'm still measuring a week behind, at 20 cm.  Last time I measured 16 cm, even though I was 17 weeks.  I wonder if/when it starts to become a concern.  I'm kind of hoping that the baby takes after me and is on the smaller side.  You know, for the sake of me having to birth her and all!

The doctor set up my next few appointments.  He will see me once a month in December and January, then, we have a growth scan at the beginning of February.  Then, he will see me every two weeks for the next two appointments, then once a week after that.  I joked that him and I were going to become good friends and that it was sort of like a dating relationship and we were building up to the big day!

I feel like time is going to start going very quickly at this point.  We're traveling to Georgia next week for Thanksgiving to visit with Drew's sister and brother-in-law.  I've already told my sister-in-law that we're going to have to go to Babies R Us so that she can help me with my registry.  I'm looking forward to getting advice from Jess and Jen about everything that I need baby wise.

I am so excited to start designing and picking out things for the nursery.  It feels great to know that we're having a little girl so that we can start picking bedding and colors and accessories.  I just love knowing who we're shopping for now!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Days 9 & 10

A blog

My favorite blog to read is Kelly's blog at Kelly's Korner.  She is such a sweet, sweet lady.  She suffered through infertility and now has two beautiful daughters.  Seriously, read through her blog and you'll see exactly why I love it.

A time of day

My favorite time of day that I'm thankful for is right when I crawl in bed.  It's not nearly as enjoyable as it was when Drew didn't work nights and we went to bed together every night, but it makes me appreciate the nights he has off even more.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

20 Weeks: Half Baked

Hello halfway point, it's so good to see you!  I seriously feel like I've been pregnant f-o-r-e-v-e-r!  In the beginning, when I was in a constant state of nausea, each day was miserable to get through.  The days and weeks drug on and I felt like I would never make it out of the first trimester and into the promised land, aka, second trimester.  However, the second trimester came and things started to become easier and the days started passing quicker. 

Now, the weeks are passing much quicker and I'm starting to feel slightly anxious about getting things done.  I know that we still have plenty of time, so I'm not freaking out quite yet.

I have been feeling so much movement lately.  It's crazy!  Baby particularly enjoys using my bladder as a bouncy house.  I haven't really noticed any pattern to the movements, but I do have a tendency to feel the baby more right after I eat.

Speaking of eating, that's getting old.  I eat all. the. time.  Some days it's ok and I don't mind it.  Other days?  It's a chore and I hate it.  I feel like I run out of things in my house to eat.  I feel like I'm running out of variety and I get sick of eating the same thing over and over.  I know that I still have a lot of time ahead of me where I'm going to feel ravenous constantly, especially if I breastfeed (which I plan on doing), but I'm kind of over it.  Such a bad problem to have, right?  I'm a little concerned about how I'm going to fare when we drive down to Georgia for Thanksgiving.  I've already started thinking about what food I'm going to pack.

I'm happy to report that I've been gaining weight and I'm up six pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Honestly, I think it's all in my boobs! :)

I feel like my bump is starting to look more bump-ish and less chub-ish.  I'm still waiting to "pop" though.  I do notice the bump that I do have though.  It's getting increasingly more difficult to move around.  I always laugh as I struggle to get up because I'm hardly big by any means.  I can only imagine what it'll be like when I actually am big!  I'm sure that will be a funny sight and Drew will have many laughs.

Actually, Drew has been very good to me!  He helps me get up whenever he's around and he will occasionally rub my back.  And he deals with my mood swings in great strides.  I haven't been too bad, and have only snapped a couple of times, but he totally understands when I do and just leaves me alone.

We find out the sex next week, and it cannot come soon enough!  I am so anxious to see the baby again and I'm really excited to find out if Drew and I will be welcoming a son or a daughter.  I just hope that the baby cooperates!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 8

A restaurant

Beef-a-Roo is a local fast food chain that is absolutely delicious!!  I have been especially thankful for their french fries this pregnancy.

Ok, if I'm being honest, I've been thankful for any french fries!

Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 7

A scent

My favorite scent that I am thankful for is fresh cut grass in the summer.  I'm especially thankful for it now that winter is coming and I know that it's going to be a long time before I get to smell that heavenly smell again.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 6

A pair of shoes

Ok, so I'm going to cheat because what I'm thankful for isn't exactly shoes.  They are my slippers!
I LIVE in my slippers.  I mean, if I'm not wearing shoes or in the shower, my slippers are on my feet.  In fact, I take my slippers with me when we go on trips.  There is nothing better than slipping my feet into the warm, cushiony goodness that is my slippers.  And getting a brand new pair of slippers is the best thing ever because then they are extra cushiony.  Seriously, I am so thankful for my slippers!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 5

A place

I'm going to be clique and say that the place that I am most thankful for is our home.
It still needs some work, but we have come a long way into making this house our home.  I love having a place to call our own.  We don't plan on staying here forever, but while we are here, we love it.

I am so thankful that God showed this house to us.  We definitely bought it at the right time, and I'm hoping that with the TLC that we're putting into, we'll be able to sell it easily.

I'm incredibly thankful that we have a house to bring our baby home to.  I know that there is nothing wrong with having a baby in an apartment, but, do you know the amount of stuff that you need for a baby?  I'm thankful that we don't have to try and cram all of that stuff in our old apartment!

Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 4

A favorite snack

Honestly, at this point in my pregnancy, any snack that sounds good and stays down is my favorite snack.  I am eating constantly and I am so thankful that, for the most part, food sounds appealing again.

I have had a tendency to go through phases with food.  In the beginning, grapes were my favorite.  Then, it was graham crackers.


Hot Tamales are my current obsession.  I have gone through so many boxes of these in the past few weeks.

I'm also loving a big glass of cold milk now.  Seriously, my mouth waters thinking about it.  It's weird because I've never been a big milk drinker.  But, I'm loving it right now.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Days 1,2,3

I know that I've mentioned Lindsay from Designer Wife over here before.  Well, she is doing a 30 Days of Thanks on her blog, and I've decided to join in too.  Since I'm late to the game, I have a little catching up to do. 

Day 1 - A person

Well, who else am I going to pick besides my husband?  Seriously though, he's pretty amazing in my book.  I am so thankful that we met and fell in love and that he asked me to spend the rest of his life with him.  We have been through the good times, the bad times, for richer, for poorer, sickness, and health.  And he has been unconditionally supportive through everything.
I love that man with my whole heart and I thank God every day that he brought Drew into my life.

Day 2 - An animal

Now that we have three pets in our family, my favorite will always be my first.  Simon.
He is such a great cat.  He snuggles occasionally and always looks so cute when he's sleeping curled up on the bed.  He hates Maya with a passion, and I'm scared about how he's going to act when the baby comes along, but at the end of the day, he loves me to pieces and I know it.

Day 3 - A cozy place in your home

I guess that the coziest place that I can think of right now is our bed.  I cherish the days when Drew is off work and we can fall asleep together.  We don't do too much snuggling anymore due to my pregnancy pillow, but it's comforting just to know that he's there.

19 Weeks: First Outside Kicks

Just for good measure, here is my 18 week picture that we took before we left for dinner last week.
I waited until today, 19w1d to take my picture because I knew that there would be a change.
My hair is gone, I hacked it!  That's probably about the most noticeable change.  Otherwise, the ol' bump is looking about the same.  The baby is the size of a mango this week.

Big news in this update!  First, our crib has arrived!!  It's sitting in our dining room, just waiting for the nursery to be cleaned out and painted.  It's so weird to walk by the dining room and see the huge box that the crib is in.  I just can't believe we have a crib in our house.

The other big news?  Well, I was sitting on the floor Tuesday night, playing on the computer, and I could feel the baby start a dance party in my belly.  So, I randomly decided to put my hand down there to see if I could feel anything, and I DID!!!!  I couldn't believe it.  It is the weirdest feeling.  The kicks and punches and movements have definitely gotten stronger in the couple weeks since I've started feeling them.  I am so thankful for this!  Drew was even able to put his hand on my belly this morning and feel a small kick/punch.

We have purchased and installed the closet organizer in the nursery.  The system came without instructions, which made for a fun project for Drew and his dad.  It looks great though, and I can't wait to have little baby clothes hanging in there!

Everything else is sort of at a stand still until we find out the sex.  I have absolutely no idea what to do in the nursery, and won't be able to decide anything until we know what our little bambino is.  We really haven't talked about names much.  Basically, I'm just anxious to know the sex so that we can start making some more decisions.  We find out in exactly two weeks.