Saturday, May 30, 2009

Project: Pine Tree

Last weekend, I tried talking Drew and his dad into dropping the pine tree in our front yard. They weren't going for it; especially after spending all day on the lilac bushes. When I got off of work last night, I found out that Drew, his dad (Mark), and Mike had cut the tree down. Here is the tree. And by the way, people who plant pine trees in the front yard are stupid!!
And just because I'm sure you're all wondering just how cool my husband is, this video is proof that he is cool. Definitely cool!

"Cuttin' down a tree"!!!!! Hahaha!!!! I love it!


This is what happens to anything that is burnable around our house! The true pyro in my husband has come out with home ownership. In fact, all of the paper and cardboard that we recycle never make it out to the curb because he confiscates it and burns it.
Of course, we couldn't just chopped down a tree and not replace it. Drew found a River Birch at a local nursery and practically stole it from them. Apparently it was mismarked.
I think that our next project is going to be the sidewalk. It is in such bad shape and I'm afraid someone is going to break an ankle trying to walk up to our house.

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