Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 In Review

Just like last year, I thought it would be fun to do a little "year in review" here at JtoT.


* Drew and I went on a double date night with Matt and Sheena


* I turned 25 and Drew and I did something for the first time as a couple
* We got a new bed. Woot!
* Drew turned 30!


* I had my first acupuncture appointment.
* Our "tenants" moved out.
* Drew got a new job.


* We started car shopping.
* I thought we were making progress with the acupuncture.


* I got a new toy.
* My cousin became a Dr.
* I went to the 2nd concert I've ever been to, with my sister.


* I co-hosted a baby shower for Jessica and made a super cute wreath.


* We got a new car!
* Angela had her bridal shower.


* I had my first appointment with the RE.
* Angela's bachelorette party. Oy vey!
* Angela and Cody's wedding.


* The RE's office went and screwed everything up, so I had to miss a cycle. Stupid!
* Drew and I went and picked apples.
* I started the journey to getting braces. (I still haven't made it any further. Lay off! I'm scared of getting my teeth pulled!!)


* I blogged about getting fired.
* Drew and I went on vacation to Florida and Georgia.
* We celebrated two years of marriage.


* I finally made some progress at the RE and had an IUI.
* We hosted Thanksgiving.
* We cut down a real Christmas tree!


* I made a super cute holiday card hang up and was featured.
* The IUI didn't work :(.
* Christmas celebrations.

It's been such a busy year with lots of excitement and changes. I hope that 2011 is even better for us. Bring it on!!!

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