Friday, October 15, 2010

@#$*&#% Delta!!!

Never again! Never again will I ever fly on Delta. Well, with the exception of our flight to Atlanta and our flight home, I will never again fly on Delta. I don't care if my mom has died and it's the only flight available. I will wait for the next flight. Delta will never again get my business as long as it's my dollar I'm flying on.

Today was a travel day for us. We're in Jensen Beach on Hutchinson Island. Drew's grandma has a home here, and she was kind enough to allow us to use it for our vacation.

When we started planning this trip, I told Drew that I didn't really want a flight at the crack of dawn. Our flight was at 12:30 this afternoon. I thought it was perfect. Until we got to the airport.

You see, I didn't know that Drew booked us on Delta until yesterday when I asked him. My hatred for Delta started when they screwed us over on our flight coming back from Puerto Rico after our cruise. There were storms on the east coast at the time and it screwed up flights everywhere, delaying and cancelling tons of them. Our flight to Chicago got cancelled, but Delta told us that they could get us on a flight to Atlanta. We would have to stay the night in Atlanta, but they would provide us a hotel, transportation, and food vouchers. Our flight to Chicago would be scheduled for the next morning. We agreed to this and went on our way to Atlanta. When we landed in Atlanta, they weren't even expecting us. We had no hotel room, no transportation, no food, and my luggage got destroyed! It ended up working out after some difficulty, but I have not been a fan of Delta since.

I figured that I would go into this with an open mind and give them another chance. Way to go, Delta! You jacked that one up!!!

We got to the airport today and Drew put my suitcase up to get checked. (I should first say that we were trying to pack "smartly" and only check one bag. The first bag was $25 to check and the second bag was $35 to check. We didn't want to pay $35 x3 flights for a second bag, so we packed one suitcase and a carryon for Drew.) My bag weighed in at 55 lbs. Apparently, that's 5 lbs overweight and we were charged an additional $90 to check the bag. You read that right, folks. $115 to check one suitcase!!!!!

Delta, you suck a lot!

We boarded the plane, amidst my grumbling, and had an uneventful flight to Atlanta.
We grabbed our connecting flight in Atlanta to West Palm Beach and arrived here in Florida at about 6 PM. We got our bags and rental car and began to make our way to the cottage. Drew had to call Erik, our brother-in-law, for directions because Mapquest doesn't know what they're talking about. We eventually made it here and quickly dropped our bags inside to go find some dinner.

We did a very quick dinner at Wendy's because somebody (me) was starving. Since we're staying at the cottage, which has a full kitchen, we decided that we would save some money and buy some groceries to cut down on our eating out. We went to Publix and spent $107 on a few groceries! I was shocked!! I can shop for a couple of weeks for Drew and I on that much money back home. And we only bought a few things.

After grocery shopping, we came back to the cottage to relax for the rest of the night. Tomorrow, we're going to go to the beach. I can't wait to play in the ocean!!

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