Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Think It May Be Working

Time for another round of cycle talk!

I've been doing acupuncture for about 3 weeks now, twice a week. I am very, VERY happy to report that I'm finishing up my period and I was hardly sick at all. I started my period Wednesday afternoon, and I woke up about 4 AM on Thursday morning with some pain. Drew got me some Tylenol and I laid in bed until the dreaded alarm clock went off.

I was in some pain during the day at work. Morning was difficult, but nothing that I couldn't handle. Once the afternoon rolled around, I wasn't feeling too bad at all. A few sharp stabs of pain here and there, but completely tolerable. I never once felt the need to be confined to the couch writhing in pain, I never once threw up.

Friday dawned and I took some Tylenol again, but mainly to just be on the safe side. I had a little bit of pain, but nothing that I even felt the need to complain about.

I had an appointment with the doctor on Friday morning. He was very, VERY happy to hear about my progress. He adjusted me again, like usual, but this time, he also took me into a room and did some moist heat therapy. After that, he did the acupuncture again. This was the first appointment that Drew was able to go with me. He took a picture so that he could show me what it looks like.

Not gonna lie, I was really amazed! I knew that he put a decent amount of needles in me, but I never really count when he's doing it. I had no idea that there were that many. Plus there were 4 in my head. Oh, and don't worry, he says that the fact that it's all red is very, very good. That means that my body likes it and is needing it.

After he removed the needles, I was trying to hurry up and get dressed because I had to pee really, really bad. I pulled my hand up and noticed that there was a decent amount of blood on it. Not enough to worry me, but enough to know that I needed to figure out where it was coming from before I got it all over everything. I looked at Drew and told him I was bleeding and asked him where it was. He said nowhere. I showed him my hand and told him it was coming from somewhere. He told me nowhere again, so I just figured that I had already wiped it with my hand. Then, I dashed off to the bathroom.

I looked in the mirror and realized where I was bleeding from. MY HEAD!!!! I had a pretty little trail of blood running down from the spot where he had the needle at the top of my head and down my forehead. Awesome! I cleaned up as best I could and then went to find Drew to have him help me finish cleaning my head. I could do nothing but laugh. The doctor said that it happens sometimes. The needle hits a blood vessel and sometimes it bleeds. I'm just glad I saw it before I walked out in public.

So, I'll be continuing the acupuncture. I'm so happy that I felt better this cycle and hope that by next cycle I'm pregnant.

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Dana said...

Good luck trying. I go to the doctor next month so that we can discuss our options of TTY.