Friday, September 3, 2010

What's Beyond Frustration?

So, I was sick all last weekend, which meant that I got my period. Which also meant that, once again, I'm NOT pregnant. Based on my charting temps, I knew that I was going to be getting my period either Thursday evening or Friday. I called the doctor's office because I had to do Day 2 bloodwork. Since I knew that I was going to be out of town, I had to figure out what they wanted me to do.

After speaking to a nurse, she said that she would leave a work order at the front desk for me to pick up on Friday morning. I would then have to find a place in Wisconsin to do my blood draw. Pain in the ass, but doable.

My period showed up early afternoon Friday so I knew that I would have to go get my blood drawn either Saturday or Sunday. Saturday was pretty much out of the picture since it was the wedding, so Sunday it was.

Sunday morning, Drew and I went to their "emergency room" and had my blood drawn. The nurse had to fill a good dozen vials. A DOZEN!!!!!!! It wasn't as bad as I thought, but still not pleasant. Thankfully, she worked quickly.

The nurse said that she would send my results to the doctor. Yesterday, I was talking with a coworker of mine and debating whether or not to call the doctor's office. I hadn't heard from them yet, but the nurse did say that some results could take close to a week to get.

I decided to call this morning because, based on our consultation, the doctor had mentioned needing to do the SIS or HSG on CD10, which would be Sunday. Well, the nurse informed me that she did have all the results and that everything looked really good. I told her what the doctor said about the other tests and she said they usually happen on CD 7, 8, or 9. Today is CD8. Crap!

When I told her this and that I didn't want to miss this cycle, for very obvious reasons, she said that she would talk to the doctor and call me back. She eventually called me back and told me that there was nothing the doctor could do because the hospital was already behind on their surgeries. I would have to call next time on CD1 to schedule the tests. She even had the balls to tell me that I was supposed to call on CD1 to let them know that I had started.

Excuse me woman! But I did call and inform you guys that I would be starting. Plus, you received my bloodwork. Shouldn't that be evidence enough that I started? Shouldn't you guys have called me to let me know that you received my results and to schedule the next step that you want to take.

To say that I'm beyond frustrated is an understatement. I feel like I'm the only one trying to do anything to become pregnant. I'm charting, taking vitamins, eating/drinking or not eating/drinking certain things, making uncomfortable changes in my lifestyle so that I don't become sick. And then to have the doctor tell me that I'll have to wait until next month! I'm just heartbroken. I don't think that I have ever felt so crushed in my entire life.

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