Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Card Hang Up

I knew I had to come up with a solution for my holiday card dilemma. Last year, I just sat them on a shelf and, since a good majority of them are photo cards, they just fell all over and were a constant annoyance. This year, ahhhhh this year, I have the perfect solution. I got this idea from some girls on a message board and just kind of ran with it. (Thanks girls!)

First, I went to Michael's and got 4 different sheets of scrapbook paper. It's important to select a paper that has a small design because the paper is going to be cut into small strips.
Then, I cut the paper into strips using my paper cutter.
The strips were cut just big enough to cover a clothespin. I attached the paper to the clothespin using rubber cement.
This was my first time buying rubber cement and when I got to the check out and scanned it, it told me to wait to cashier assistance. The cashier came over and asked my age. Apparently you have to be 17 to buy rubber cement. I figured out why after I opened the bottle. I'm surprised I didn't die from the fumes.
Here's what the finished clothespins look like.
Then, I made some bows with a long tail to hang on the wall. I hung the bows using those 3M hook things.

I finished the project just in time to receive our first holiday card.
What do you think? Cute, huh? Now, I just have to keep the cats (Luuuuuucifer) from attacking the hanging ribbon.


Summer said...

Yes! I made mine too and now my cat won't leave it alone! I just had to let you know you're not alone with that issue. I don't know what I'm going to do but I'll be ticked if I have to take it down.

Tania said...

I did notice him playing with the first one that I hung up, so I hung the second one higher up. I think he got sick of trying to scale the wall to get it.

Sarah said...

So cool! That is a great idea. But I know our cats, and they would have them torn apart in two minutes...