Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Drew!

Today is Drew's 30th birthday. Of course, I couldn't let a big occasion like this go by without some sort of fanfare. So, I have been busy plotting planning a surprise party.

Drew has been working some crazy, insane hours. I planned for some of his friends to take him to the casino. He spent the afternoon gambling and, thanks to his friends, arrived back here right on time.

What a nice way to say thanks right? He just walks right away and into the kitchen.

The cake that Becca and I made.
The cake that Josh and Angie brought. I think it wins!

Leo absolutely loved the balloon decorations.
Well, now I have a hubby in his 30s. I know that he's felt a little down in dumps about it. Hopefully 30 will treat him well. And I would never rub it in or anything :)!

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Dana said...

When I turned 30 I took the day off from work and laid in the bed all day. I do not know why, it did not change anything I still turned 30. I hope that he had a wonderful birthday. By the way..tag your it. Check out my post tomorrow at 8:00 am to see the rules. Good luck and have fun.