Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inseminate Me Please

I seriously pranced around my house this morning singing, "I'm getting knocked up today, I'm getting knocked up today".

We arrived at the doctor's office when we were supposed to. Unfortunately, they must have been running behind because it was an hour before I had the IUI. Drew was impressed.

I'll run through the process in case somebody is reading this that would like to know.

Drew had to "make love to a cup" (the doctor's words, not ours) and have it there by 7:15 this morning. I had to be there at 8:45 for the IUI. During that time, the nurse does the wash process, which is basically separating the swimmers from the non-swimmers. The doctor said that Drew had excellent numbers.

The nurse called me back to the room and had me get undressed. She asked me if I would be ok with the male student doctor being in there. At this point, so many people have seen my lady bits, what's. one. more! I really do think that it made it a little more awkward though. The doctor came in with the nurse and the student (And, can I just add here, that there were an awful lot of people in a room that was pretty small.) The nurse and doctor got me in position. The doctor was trying to make small talk with Drew and the nurse was all business like trying to get him to get the show on the road. I was a little disturbed by that. I would like our doctor to take more than 2 seconds with us, thank you very much. The doctor inserted the speculum, then had the nurse push on my stomach while he inserted the catheter. That was a little uncomfortable. It was over quickly and then they propped my feet up and had me lay there for 20 minutes.

I go back in a week for a blood draw to check my hormone levels and then a week after that for a pregnancy test. Drew and I won't be making any kind of announcement until we have an ultrasound and feel comfortable with things.

What do you think? Do you think I'm pregnant? I've put a little poll over on the side, just for fun.

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