Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lazy Vacation Day

We had a very lazy day for our last full day in Florida. We really haven't done much of anything. We walked to the beach for the last time this vacation. The waves were unbelievably calm today. I was really disappointed that we didn't go in the water today after seeing how calm the water was. Maybe I would have left some ocean water where it belongs instead of drinking it all. Haha ;)

After saying goodbye to the ocean, we walked around the rec area grounds a little bit. Now, this place, and apparently Florida in generally, is crawling with little lizards. As you walk, they scatter in front of your feet to the closest hiding spot. This guy had a colorful puffer thing. Doesn't he remind you of that dinosaur in Jurassic Park? The one that is in that guy's jeep after he goes to open the gate. Do you know which one I'm talking about?
More self-timer action!
I can't believe that our time in Florida has come to an end. Tomorrow, we'll pack up our things and head to Georgia. I'm sad to leave, but I am so very excited to be headed to Atlanta.

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