Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baby Shower Part 1

I don't think that I've shared it here on JTT (Journey To Together), but I'M GONNA BE AN AUNTIE!!!!! Drew's sister and her husband are expecting a little boy due August 18. This afternoon, her mom and I hosted a baby shower for her.

Here are Jessica and Gaupy.
I flexed my creative muscles for this shower. This is only the second baby shower that I've been to, and the first one that I've co-hosted. I was very nervous! Here we are posing with the baby toy wreath that I made for her.
A couple of group shots. You can tell that we had a good amount of people.

One of the games that we played consisted of all of the guests making something baby related out of Play-Doh. Jess had to then pick two winners. Guapy didn't waste any time and made a large pair of boobies. I even heard her say that they are a baby's favorite thing! Lauren is in the middle and she made a really cute train!
Jessica and her "Hooter Hider"

Jessica and Betsy.
Overall, I think Drew's mom and I threw a fantastic shower. It seemed like everyone had a great time.

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