Monday, August 30, 2010

Angela and Cody's Wedding

Last weekend, Drew and I made the trek up to Green Lake, Wisconsin for Angela and Cody's wedding. I had never been a bridesmaid, so I was so excited for this first. Drew and I left late Friday morning so that we would have some time to relax before the rehearsal. My period decided to show up Friday afternoon, even though my chart said that I would start on Sunday. I knew that it was coming though from my temps. I spent the whole weekend so sick. I have no idea how I got through it. I was nauseous, and in pain, and just miserable. I put on such a brave face and I don't think that anybody really knew how crappy I felt.

The rehearsal and dinner went very well. Saturday dawned and was a gorgeous day! All of us girls started our day out at the salon to get our hair done.
The back of my hair. I loved the way it turned out!
After I got my hair done, and while Angela was getting hers done, I played with the macro settings on my camera.
Not only was I a bridesmaid, but I was a makeup artist too. Multi-tasker!Angela's flower girl and her mom. Isn't she adorable!

The bride and her father.
Me, Cody's mom, Cody's grandma, and Cody's sister-in-law
The groom! I think he looks a little nervous. What do you think?

Mr. and Mrs!!!

Minus the fact that I was so sick all weekend, I had such a great time! I loved being a part of all the wedding festivities. I wish nothing but happiness to the newlyweds and a long life filled with many blessings.

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