Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why, Hello Again Ocean!

Drew and I are quite used to sleeping in, and today wasn't any different. We woke up about 11:00 AM and got ready to go to the beach. See, Drew's all ready!
I wasted no time in breaking out the camera and taking pictures of all of the beautiful things that I was surrounded by. This was one of the neighbor's bushes. Isn't it beautiful?
In order to get to the beach, we have to walk through the neighborhood a little bit and then go through this tunnel. The tunnel goes underneath the street and comes out on the other side where all of the recreation area is for the complex.
The recreation area has lots of things for residents to occupy themselves; Bocce ball, shuffleboard, a pool, pool tables, ping pong tables.
Ahhhhhh, the ocean!
I decided that I wanted a picture of the two of us. However, since we're on a private beach, there aren't exactly a lot of people around. Plus, I'm not too crazy about handing my fancy camera over to someone who probably has no experience handling a fancy camera. So what does one do? Well, set the self timer, of course.

After I drank about a gallon of ocean water, I decided that I was done for the day. As we were walking back through the tunnel, we noticed the fantastic echo. Drew decided to put on a little show for me.

We changed clothes and did a little exploring around the island. We went into one of the surf shops and found this little guy. His name is Owen, hence my face. Isn't he cute? While doing some research of things to do while we're here, I came across a kayaking tour. I mentioned it to Drew and told him that I'd love to do something like that. We were talking to the lady at the surf shop and found out that they rent kayaks. One of their employees is out of town, but she'll be returning on Tuesday and the lady said that she can take us out on a kayaking tour. So, I think we're going to do that on Tuesday.

We drove around a little more. Drew remembered going to some "bathtubs" when he was younger. We found Bathtub Beach that he was talking about, but you can only see it during low tide. Of course, we were there during high tide.Guess we'll just have to make a trip back there another day during low tide to see it.

We're going to get up in the morning to watch the sunrise on the beach. I am so excited!

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