Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tin Grin

Today, I started my journey into getting braces. I had x-rays and molds done today. It was all very painless. As the woman, who is only slightly older than me, was doing my molds, she told me that I have tight lips and cheeks. Um. . . thanks! I think.

As I was leaving, the woman told me that the doctor was going to take a look at everything and then he would send me a letter to let me know what my treatment plan will be and what to do as my next step. Well, I already know what that is going to be. I'm going to have to get four teeth pulled.

And that's the part that I am terrified about. They aren't going to knock me out. I have to be conscious while they rip four teeth out of my gums. Yes, I'm going to have Novacaine, but that's not going to stop the sounds. Oh.the.sounds!!! I'm absolutely terrified.

According to the orthodontist, he can put the braces on four or five days after I get my teeth pulled. He said that I'll probably have to wear them for two years. He also said that, not only do they have clear brackets, but they have clear wires too. So I won't be a complete tin grin.

Two years and I'll have a beautiful smile!

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