Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Second Concert

Tonight, my sister and I went to my second concert ever. My first concert was Nickelback when I was 21. Tonight we went to see Paramore, with Reliant K and Fun as opening acts. We were stoked!
Our friends, Josh and Angie, were there also.
They had general admission tickets, so they were on the floor. I didn't feel like standing for the entire concert, so Rachel and I sat in seats.
The concert opened up with Fun. They were decent.
Next up was Relient K. I know one, maybe two Relient K songs, but one really well. And they didn't even play it. I was slightly bummed.
Then, came Paramore.
Let me tell you, that girl spent the entire show jumping around the stage. I couldn't believe it. She was a little ball of energy. I was super impressed. She interacted with the crowd a lot and her personality on stage made it seem like she'd be fun to have as friend.
Paramore sang "The Only Exception" as a duet with one of the band members from Fun. I think her name is Emily.

It was amusing to watch the progression of the concert. Fun had a little sliver of the stage to work with, and basically just the stage lights on them. Relient K had a little more stage space, and a good amount of light show. Paramore, of course, had the entire stage, and a pretty awesome light show.
Paramore sang "Misery Business" as their last song. As Haley was getting ready to go into the last part of the song, she pulled the blonde girl up on stage with her and let her rock out with her. That blonde girl was probably the coolest chick in the room.
I really had a great time hanging out with my sister. I definitely felt like the oldest person in the room. I kept looking around and wondering why these kids weren't in bed. I'm so old!

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Dana said...

Sounds like you had a great time.