Thursday, October 16, 2008

Single Digits!!!

Yes, you read that title right. Today we hit the single digit mark. It really does seem like just yesterday that we had hit double digits. I swear that my excitement is growing day by day, which is probably to be expected. I'm also pretty excited that I am working my last few days at work. Today is the last Thursday that I'll be working as a single lady.

(Ok, so maybe I'm being silly, but I don't care. I'm giddy!)

I do only have four more days of work, which is super exciting. I could use a vacation from this place more than anything else at this point.

I had an appointment yesterday with the florist to pick up my flowers. And, they weren't done. I'm really kind of upset about this. We had already pushed the appointment back by a week. (I was supposed to go last Wednesday but she said she needed another week.) I get there and she starts to tell me that one of her bride's called and her dad passed away so she had to stop what she was doing and make some flowers for her, plus she had ten weddings she was doing this weekend. I was sort of like, "Whatever, chick!" So, I'm going back next Wednesday and they better be done.

I was pleased with what I had seen so far. She did have a bunch of greenery in the bridesmaids bouquet that she had started on that I was not crazy about. I pretty much told her to take all that crap out. I don't think that I've talked too much about the flowers on here, but you can find some of my ideas here. I'm really looking forward to next Wednesday when I can (hopefully) see the finished product. There will probably be some words said if she doesn't have all of the flowers finished then.

Today, Accuweather says Some Sun and high of 54 degrees. The Weather Channel says Partly Cloudy and 54 degrees. Well, at least they agree.

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