Friday, October 31, 2008

The Experience of a Lifetime

Drew and I actually left the resort today. As promised, here is a picture of the sign at the entrance to the resort.
Drew and I woke up at a decent time this morning and went to Mundaca for the breakfast buffet. After breakfast, we went back to the room to put our suits on because we were going to swim with the dolphins today!!! Oh, I have waited so long for this.
We took a shuttle to the resort next door to us called Puerta Aventuras (not affiliated with this resort) to go to Dolphin Discovery. It was only us and one other couple from the resort. Once there, we got our tickets and had some time to kill before our swim. We were able to walk around the tanks and take some pictures of the dolphins.
And how cute is this little guy??
We weren't able to bring the camera with us to the swim, however they did have two photographers and a videographer there to record our swim. After the swim, we were offered the package. Drew was quite the sucker and spent $100 on seven pictures and a ten minute DVD. He figured that it was ok though because we didn't spend anything for the swim. I guess I have to agree since we probably would have paid between $200 and $300 had we spent money. (We were able to get that swim for free since we sat through the presentation.)

After the swim, we went back to the resort and grabbed some lunch. After lunch, I was obviously exhausted, and grabbed a nap.
After my nap, we had dinner at Ventanas. This restaurant was a pizza and pasta buffet. It was pretty nice; there was a guy walking around playing the violin during dinner. Once we had finished dinner, the waiter asked Drew if he wanted a Flaming Coffee. Since Drew is usually game for anything, he agreed. We had no idea that it would be so cool.

I've been asked to include more pictures of our room and the grounds. And since I aim to please, here you go. Enjoy!!

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