Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Have a New Love...

I got my flowers today!!! I am such a happy girl and they are so beautiful!!!

My bouquet is exactly what I pictured it to be.
I was very surprised at how thick the bouquet is. But that's ok, I still love it so-o much!!! I can't wait for Saturday so that I can hold it and take pictures with it. Yaaaaayyyy!!!!

Here's Rachel's bouquet.

We added the two toned roses to her bouquet so that she's set apart from all the other girls and her role is somewhat noticable. I am very pleased with how her bouquet came out also.

The other girls will be carrying these:
Not exactly what I pictured, but still fantastic!

Another one of Drew's groomsmen and his wife and daughter are coming into town soon, so we're heading out for dinner to Buffalo Wild Wings and probably out for drinks after that.

3 days!!!

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