Monday, October 27, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

Now that I've been properly introduced, I guess that I should go back and recap the past couple of days. We'll start with Friday night, at the rehearsal.

Everybody was on time, which was fantastic! However, the lady, whatever her name was, didn't have the ability to start on time. So, of course, we ran late. In any event, here's where we begin:
If you look on the very right of the picture, you can see Brad. He's Drew's cousin and was our photographer for the wedding. He was kind enough to come into town on Friday and be at our rehearsal. When we talked a few weeks ago, I asked him if that would be possible so that he could scope out our venue and he said he would. What a guy!!

And we did have some fun at the rehearsal too....
Or, at least Daughtry tried to. Haha!

Here's Drew walking his mom down the aisle. He liked that idea and Debbie seemed to like that idea, and it didn't matter to me either way. But I thought it was special that Drew walked his mom down.
(Note: During the wedding, Drew apparently started to cry walking his mom down. How cute!!)

Adam walked my mom down the aisle. She said that he was so cute because when they were standing and waiting for their turn, Adam was patting her hand with his. Here are all of the guys (minus my brother) waiting for the girls to walk down so they could meet them and bow at the alter.
My brother, Greg, walked me down the aisle. I could not have been happier with that choice and I know that it meant a lot to him.
Josh Wiseley took quite the liking to my brother, from what I hear. Once Greg walked me down the aisle, he took his place besides all the other groomsmen. Only he stood in front of Daughtry instead of going to the back of the guys. So Josh looks down at him and goes, "Hey, Scooter, you go down here!" Hence began Greg's new nickname for the weekend.

Drew and I up at the alter.
Drew and I had to kneel for the readings, which I was not particularly looking forward to in my dress. Drew complained the entire time during practice. Like it actually killed him to kneel for ten minutes. Whiner!!
And then it came time to practice our vows.
Most of the rest of the pictures turned out a little blurry, so I didn't bother posting them up here. Some of these aren't the greatest but they get the job done. And credit to Jen Landgren for taking these for us. It's pretty difficult to get good pictures when everyone keeps moving around and she did a fantastic job with these ones.

Then, we moved on to dinner at Cliffbreakers. The dinner was great and it was really nice to hang out with everybody before the big show.

I told Drew that he was kicked out of the apartment on Friday night, so he decided that he'd stay at Cliffbreakers. I knew that some of the guys would stay with him too. I just didn't know that most of the guys would actually end up staying. Everybody decided to play poker, and when they got kicked out of the lounge downstairs, they simply moved the game to Drew's room.
Drew told me that he slept on the bed, which was located upstairs. Josh slept with him on the bed. Wiseley slept on the floor between the bed and the tv. Daughtry slept on the floor by the stair railing. Greg slept on the couch downstairs, Joe slept on the chair across from the couch, Adam slept in front of the fireplace, and Cody slept on the floor in front of the door, wrapped up in towels. What a picture that would have been!!!

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