Monday, October 27, 2008

Drew Gets His Gift

As I previously mentioned, I gave Drew his wedding present on Friday night at the rehearsal dinner. I had forewarned Brad so that he could be sure to be there to get some photos. Boy, am I glad that I did. Here's Drew's face:

And another take:
Needless to say, he absolutely loved them. For anybody left out in the dark, and I know that there weren't many people, I had some boudoir pictures taken. Boudoir pictures are simply classy lingerie pictures. I used Leah Stafford and she was fantastic!

I pretty much begged Brad to send me some teasers of Drew's reaction so that I could show Leah when I go with Nicole for her pictures. He surpassed my expectations by emailing them to me on Sunday morning! I forwarded them to Leah last night and she loved them. She said that she had never had anybody share with her the pictures of the husband's reaction. I couldn't believe it. I'm really glad she got to see it then.

After I gave Drew the album on Friday night, we were talking about the pictures on Sunday morning and I was telling him all about what had gone on. I told him that Leah had taken a couple hundred photos and he asked me about those. I told him that I them on a cd and told him that I would show them to him later. Fast forward to Sunday night and we were sitting the beautiful Hotel Sofitel and I had just emailed Leah her pictures when I remembered that I had put something in my bag. Little did Drew know, but all those pictures that he had wanted to see...?? Ya, I had already printed them out and put them in an album for him. I tossed it to him on the bed and his eyes got all big. He was so happy!

Anybody that is debating doing this pictures..... DO THEM!!! Not only will your future husband (or even current husband) love them, but you will feel great about them too. Drew recently told me that he wants to blow one of them up and hang it on the wall. Ya, right, like that will ever happen!

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