Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Drew and I arrived on Monday to Adventura Spa Palace in beautiful Riviera Maya. Here is the entrance to the resort:
Hopefully, in the next couple days, we'll make if up front again to take a picture of the sign.

The following are more pictures of the grounds at the North Lobby.

This is the view outside of our balcony.

We also have a hammock on our balcony. Drew promptly climbed in that upon arrival.

This is the patio inside of the North Lobby (I think).
There is a North Lobby and a South Lobby and I can't keep them straight in case that wasn't obvious. More on that to come.

Here is a nice picture of the lagoon area where you can snorkle and kayak

I, of course, had to be sure to do some blogging for all you folks anxiously awaiting pictures. Don't worry though, I'm not missing out on any fun while I blog. Drew was watching the World Series game. I thought it was a nice compromise.

See!!! I told you I didn't miss out on any fun. Drew filled up the jacuzzi while I blogged and as soon as I finished up, we hopped right in. Boy, was that nice!

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