Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time is Flying

I'm a couple of days late, but that's ok. I did have a very productive wedding planning weekend. My sister stayed the night Saturday night since we did a girls night. Sunday morning, I roused Drew and Rachel out of bed at 11:15 (!!!!). Yes, unbelievably, I let them sleep that long. Granted we didn't go to bed until 3 or so, so I figured I'd be nice. I, on the other hand, was up at 9. Ehhhh, whatever!!!

Anyways, they woke up and we made breakfast. Drew sat down and watched the Bears game. (Arrrgghh stupid Bears! Why do you have to go and play so stupid! Dontcha know that you piss Drew off and then I have to deal with him being all pissy?!?!) I worked on scoring the program paper and Rachel started working on painting the I DO letters. They have already been painted red but I wanted to do something more to them. I thought that painting some silver swirls on them would look really cool. But, for some reason, it just wasn't turning out the way that I pictured it. So Rachel and I sat there trying to figure out what to do with them next. I suggested rhinestones but I wasn't completely sold on that idea. Then, Rachel suggested that we have the guests sign them. Oh, AMAZING!!! It's been decided, the guests will sign either the guestbook, or the letters, or both, and then afterwards we can hang the letters on the wall somewhere. I just have to find some silver extra fine sharpies. That should be fun.

Then, my sister went to work on the bubbles. I was originally going to just put the labels on them, but we thought they looked too bare. Rachel said she would tie the ribbon so I jumped on that offer. Isn't she cute?
The finished product:
It's kind of a crappy picture. I am slowly learning that I will never take good pictures. Where's Drew when I need to post stuff?

I finished scoring all of the program paper and have begun cutting and assembling the programs.

(As a little side note: I'm watching A Wedding Story on TLC and I keep getting so choked up! I'm going to be a mess on my wedding day!)

And for a final picture, just because they are so freaking cute:
11 days!!! I am just so damn giddy!!!

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