Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Wedding Present

I have to apologize to you faithful blog readers. I didn't blog last night. We didn't do anything extremely exciting on Friday so I just decided to skip a day.

Friday was Halloween of course. From what I hear, the weather was very un-Halloween like at home. Apparently, the temperature got up to 77. It would too! Only because we're on vacation.

We learned earlier in the week that there was a jewelry factory just a few minutes down the road. Drew has been hounding me to go all week. We finally decided to go on Friday. The store is called Lapis. There are two smaller shops here at the resort, but this is the big factory. They make all of the pieces right inside of these doors.

Once you walk through the doors, you see straight in front of you a rather large plexi-glass-ish wall. On the other side of that wall are stations where workers make all of the jewelry pieces that are for sale. You can actually watch as the pieces are made right before your eyes.

Drew and I were ushered into the showroom and were handed off to a sales associate. We began to browse through the different cases and were explained all the different pieces. We found a super cute silver necklace with a freshwater pearl that I really liked. We decided to get that, and then found the earrings to match. After we had looked at all of the cases in the main room, we were led to the colored diamond room. I have to admit that I was most excited about this room. Our sales associate immediately pulled out a gorgeous blue diamond ring with two white diamonds on each side. The band had some very victorian looking scroll work on it. It was extremely pretty, just not for me. Then, our sales associate pulled out another blue diamond ring. We both fell in love with it! And Drew bought it for me as my wedding present.

I know that this phrase is pretty overused, but the picture really does it no justice. It sparkles like crazy when the sun or any lights hit it. The blue diamonds in the picture look dingy, but they are completely the opposite in person.

The resort puts on a special dinner for honeymooners and that dinner was on Friday night. We got dressed up and headed over to the Convention Center. Once we got there, there was a guy outside that took our picture. Then, we were sent inside and handed a glass of champagne and hor's doevres. I took one look around and my only thought was "Prom"!!! Complete with balloon arch over the door to the ballroom room and everything.

Dinner was good though. There was salad, that had way too many colors for me to eat. Then, came some soup. It was a tortilla soup and was very delicious. It was pretty spicy for me. I hate when that happens... when I get something really tasty, and I really want to eat it, but it's so spicy that it hurts to eat. Boo! Our main course was some kind of stuffed chicken with spinach in it maybe. I dunno what it was, but it was good. There was also a rice pilaf and steamed vegetables. Dessert came after that.

Isn't it cute?? I loved the hearts! I think it was some kind of banana cream cake. It was pretty tasty.

After dinner, we walked to the South Lobby where they were having a Halloween Party in the Discotecque. It was alright. Nothing too fantastic, but it sure beat sitting in the room. That was the reason I didn't blog last night. We didn't come back to the room until about 11:30 and we ordered some room service and went to bed.

Drew took this video and I thought that I'd put it on here to share with you. There is a rather large concrete platform with rails that you can stand on between the south and north lobby and look out at the ocean. We were standing on that platform when he took the video.

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