Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our First Thanksgiving

As a married couple that is. And the happy married couple has decided to have everybody over here for Thanksgiving. I'm really not that worried, but Drew is so stressing about it. He is currently in the kitchen fighting with the turkey.

It's been pretty tense over here the last couple days. Both sets of parents have offered the directions on how to prepare a turkey. My mom as even taken the time to come here and drop off stuffing and offer directions. After listening to her, Drew calls his parents for what they have to say about it. Drew has been in this "I'm gonna figure out what to do and do it" type of attitude all week and refuses to listen to what me or my family have to say to him. So, I'm letting him figure it out for himself. This will be good for him.

So, wish us luck! I'll post how everything goes later.

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