Monday, November 24, 2008

Have I Mentioned...

....that I love our wedding photog!!!!!

Confession: I was very nervous going into the wedding about photography. Very. But, understandably I think. I had never met Brad, the only thing I knew was that he was Drew's cousin, and that he was a photographer. Drew said that he's shot for Sports Illustrated and National Geographic. Ok, fear struck me at that point. Those are not wedding!! Not even the slightest!!!

Reality: I had absolutely nothing to worry about!

As I posted before, Brad opened up our online gallery on Saturday. I spent hours on Saturday night and Sunday morning looking through them. And I looked through them more today. I have been in awe for hours.
I have started sharing the link with family and friends. There are hundreds and hundreds of pictures. And I have to narrow it down to 100. Ya, right!!! I have asked everybody who looks at them to jot down their favorite numbers to help me out. I like it because then everybody will be a part of making our album. Neat, right?!?

Once I get the disks of photos from Brad, I'll upload and begin posting. I promise!

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