Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two of My Favorite Things

What would those be I hear you asking. Why, sleeping and shopping of course. And that is exactly what we did yesterday. Drew and I didn't wake up until a little after 11:00 AM. By that time, we had missed breakfast, so we just got ready and headed to Mundaca for some lunch. Mundaca has been quite the favorite for us for breakfast and lunch because it's very close to our room. I decided to get some dessert and picked this up.
It's a chocolate eclair and is for the music lover in all of us I suppose. I thought it was pretty cute.
You probably can't tell by the picture, but the reason that I took this picture is because of the water. It was sparkling like crazy! It was absolutely beautiful!!
After lunch, Drew and I decided to take a taxi to Playa del Carmen. This town is about 20 minutes away from our resort and is popular for shopping.
You know that saying "Only in America"? Well, only in Mexico can you buy medicine and tequila in the same place and actually have it advertised on the store front. And, I took this for my sister, who would have been right at home.
After we had wandered around some of the stores, we found a spot where the beach was. What's the first thing I do? Find a spot to get to the water and promptly go stick my feet in, of course!
Playa del Carmen is also a spot where people take the ferry to Cozumel.
Obviously, you can see the ferry, but look at the sand and sea too. Gorgeous, right? And again, the picture really does no justice.

Ya know, sometimes that is the hardest part about traveling. We see all of these beautiful sites and take tons of pictures, but the pictures can, in no way, capture the true beauty of what we are seeing with our eyes.

Drew and I began wandering around the shops some more. After walking for a while, we run into a guy holding two iguanas. He pulls us over, plops the one iguana on Drew, plops the other iguana on me, and takes our camera. I think that at that point we had no choice but to smile.

How terrified do I look in that picture? I was just waiting for that iguana to piss on my head. That would have been pleasant, right?

After escaping that guy (and paying him $5 for capturing us), we walk some more. These next pictures were taken at an intersection and is shooting down each way.

We talked to Drew's dad one night and he said that we definitely had to go to the town to experience it. Well, I experienced it. You couldn't walk more than ten feet without someone harrassing you to come into their store and buy their stuff. Towards the beginning, I actually had some guy pull me to his stand and put an anklet on me, a necklace on me, and begin searching for earrings. After an hour of being harrassed, I was very ready to leave.

We did get a couple things before we left Playa though. We stopped at one store that had those wool poncho things, but with sleeves (my brother wears one) to look at what they had. My mom had mentioned at one point that my brother's was falling apart. So I wanted to get him a new one. While in there, we looked around some more, and they had beautiful painted glasses. We bought a set that has a wrought iron holder, a decanter, and six shot glasses. (I'll take a picture when we get home because it's all wrapped and taped up.) And Drew got a Cuban cigar. All for the bargaining price of $58. Drew sucks at bargaining, we probably could have got it for less.

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