Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday's Word

If you remember reading my list for the 1001 day project, you may remember that one of my goals was to learn a new word every week and blog about it. I signed up for a Word of the Day email from and I plan on reporting to you each Wednesday's Word.

Today's word is:

Candor \ noun
1. honesty in giving one's view or opinion; frankness and sincerity
2. fairness; impartiality

What remains to be seen is whether the candor he offered in his early memoir will be greeted with a new-style acceptance by voters.
-- Lois Romano, The Washington Post, 2007-01-03

But we know that real leadership is about candor and judgment and the ability to rally Americans from all walks of life around a common purpose, a higher purpose.
-- The Guardian, 2008-01-27

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