Monday, January 19, 2009

Pro Pics 9: Toasts

The toasts were given as soon as we had been introduced in and sat down, right before we started dinner. Drew's best man went first. His toast was the perfect balance of serious insightfulness and jokes about the two of them growing up. Drew and Drew have been friends since the 7th grade. Of course, that will lead to some great stories.
The first story had to do with a "tussle" that the two had on a golf course. Drew, the best man, decked my Drew in the back of the legs with a club and my Drew promptly proceeded to "bloody his lip and then finish a great great round of golf".

The second story that Drew told had to do with my Drew's great ability to eat a McDonald's double cheeseburger in three or four bites, depending on how hungry he is. Not something I would necessarily brag about, but good for some great laughs and visuals.
Then it was my sister's turn. My sister is known for her incredible ability to say some incredibly stupid things. Things that are totally common sense for some people, just don't come quite as easily for her. She's a bright girl, just not the brightest. If that makes any sense. I can always depend on my sister for a good laugh. I cannot wait until the day when she gets married and I can be the one to give a toast to her and her new husband, God bless his soul!!
My sister is on the speech team at school so I didn't expect her to be as nervous as she was. I thought that she would have a speech full of thoughts about our relationship and that she would make me cry. Nope!! She sure did focus on Drew. I see where I rank in her life.
She did tell the story about one day when I was at home (and this was when I still lived at home) and she turned to me and asked me what Drew's last name was. I told her and then she says, "Tania Newlastname. That sounds good." In her speech she said, "And now you are Tania Newlastname and it still sounds good."

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