Thursday, January 15, 2009

Step 1 - Pre-approval

I've been a little MIA for the past week. I'm sorry. I just really haven't had anything too exciting to talk about and I've been kinda lazy about posting more wedding pictures. I'll get back to that. I still have the toasts, bouquet and garter toss, more reception, and detail pictures to post. Hopefully I'll be able to do some this weekend.

Drew and I met with an accountant and a lender last night and submitted an application for a pre-approval for a mortgage. Supposedly, we should hear something around noontime. According to the lender guy, we should be able to put an offer in today. I'm skeptical. As soon as we have the letter, we'll get that to Brad (our realtor) who can draw up an offer. I'm thinking that will happen this weekend. I'm super excited. But... I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up that this house could be ours. There are still a lot of steps that need to be taken before Drew and I are homeowners. After the offer, the sellers need to accept or counter. (Hopefully they won't counter!) Then, we have to endure inspections. Then, closing. At best, I'm thinking that it will be a month before Drew and I have those keys in our hands. And that is if nothing goes wrong in the process.

Keys to our very first house. The house that we will grow into our home!

Is it bad that I'm already thinking how I'm going to decorate and what colors I'm going to paint the walls?

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