Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pro Pics 6: Group & Outdoor Formals

After the ceremony, we did our bubble exit, went around the block in the party bus, and then came back to the Cathedral for some formals together.

I am not a big fan of veil shots. I actually love most of the ones that Brad took.

Drew's parents and my mom.

Just us and my mom.

My family!!

Drew's parents and us.

Drew's family!! Minus Rachel. I have no idea where she was at. I actually think she might have hitched a ride to the reception with someone else. I dunno though.

Our rehearsal dinner was held at Cliffbreakers, and that's also where we had our block of rooms. Brad had told Drew that he could get some great shots at the park that was right by there. Unfortunately, it was very, very windy and kinda chilly so we didn't get as many photos as I think he wanted to get. But this one is definitely a favorite from that spot.
After we left Martin Park, we went to the Hononegah Forest Preserve.
How gorgeous right?!?!!! I really want a canvas of this one.

Sarah was so cute. She was so attentive to my dress. And let me tell you, it sure was muddy through that spot. My heels have so much dirt on them. And if you look at the photo, you can see that Sarah had already changed into her flip flops. Haha!! She didn't waste any time ditching those heels. I probably would have too, except that I had no idea where my flip flops were at that point.


jessica lynn said...

awww your twirling pictures turned out great!

Tania said...

Thank you! I'm looking forward to framing some of them!