Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pro Pics 2: The Making of a Bride

Next, in our wedding photo journey, is the girls getting ready. My sister and Angela stayed the night at my place on Friday night, so we were ready to go bright and early. I asked everybody to meet at my place at 7:30 AM!!! Ya, I know, cruel right? I did that for a reason though. Basically, to allow time for the chronic not-on-timers that there inevitably are. Luckily, we didn't have any issues with people getting ready and we actually headed out the door to go to the Cathedral a few minutes ahead of schedule.

My aunt did mine and my sister's hair. She's done our hair all of our lives. Kelly, Josh's girlfriend, was nice enough to come over and provide her services for the other girls. My sister was first up to get her hair done.
My mom did our make-up and Angela was sure to sit her butt in that chair first.
She let out a little shriek when she saw Brad trotting up our driveway with a backpack. I think she wasn't very impressed with me. Apparently, she didn't want to be photographed without make-up on.

By the way, Sarah is absolutely gorgeous. She is going to make such a pretty bride when her day comes!!I love how this shot is over my sister's shoulder. As her and I were looking through the pictures, she said to me that she had no idea that he was there behind her.
It's true too. After about 10 minutes of Brad being there, we kind of got used to him moving around and started to ignore him. He was everywhere! He was constantly taking pictures. Before I started getting my hair done, I pulled out the flowers and programs and other stuff that needed to come with us and he started to pull things and arrange them and take beautiful pictures with them. Have I mentioned that I heart him yet??

Ya, and my sister... She's gorgeous too! I had such a beautiful bridal party.
After I got my hair done, Brad grabbed me to take some shots in front of the window.
And I told him that I really don't like veil photos, so good luck taking one that I would like. And what do you know? I'm actually pretty pleased with it!
So then, I look over and see this:
So Brad was going back and forth between taking pictures of me in the window and catching this moment that was happening between my aunt and my mom. You see, my wedding is the first wedding in the family since my aunt, the one pictured, got married. That's been like 20 years or so. Needless to say, it was a happy moment for my entire family.

And I was simply excited to be done with the hair and able to move around again.
I was kinda not feeling the greatest that morning. My tummy was upset and I think that I was just overly excited. I did not want to sit in that chair for any longer than I had to.

Sarah, however, was perky!
My mom decided that she wanted to do my makeup when we got to the Cathedral. I was fine with that.
Ok, so after my makeup got done, it was time to get dressed. I put on my slip and bra and then went to find Brad to let him know that I was getting into my dress. I also had to find Nicole since she was there for one of my fittings and knew how to help me step into the dress. Have you ever played Super Nintendo? Remember the game with the Princess and you could make her float because of her dress? Well, my slip kind of had the same effect.
I could get some mad air in that thing!!! I had no idea. But I ran and gave a little leap and was able to get quite the air time. It was so-o fun. And my girls in the back? Ya, they just laughed at me!!

Then, I had to settle down and actually get into my dress. Note to anybody out there getting married, step into the dress!!
Have your girls help you hold your slip and then just wiggle down into it. It was really nice to not have to worry about my hair or veil getting messed up.

After I was dressed, us girls headed upstairs to take some formals. Unfortunately, we didn't get any shots of the guys getting ready. Brad hung out with us girls (hee hee) and then just headed straight to the Cathedral. Next time though, we'll look at Drew and his groomsmen formals.

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