Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coming Soon...

I received word today that our picture DVDs have been put in the mail. They are coming from Ohio so I hope to have them by Saturday. ::Crosses fingers really tightly and sends a silent prayer that they're here by Saturday::

Remember way back on my first post that I said I was inspired by a certain blog to begin blogging during our engagement? This blog is the one that inspired me. Her name is Heather and her wedding was beautiful. She still blogs here about her everyday life. Anyways, she posted her pro wedding pics in "installments" and I really like that idea. I think that I'm going to do that. So be prepared for quite a few days of wedding pictures. Are you excited?

Oh, and if you love something that you see, let me know. Our photog came from out of town as a favor for us and I'm sure he'd love to hear some feedback. That does include any stalkers that are out there!! ;-)!!!

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